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Malta Convoy, Bravery, Death & Mutiny on the Brisbane Star.

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  • Malta Convoy, Bravery, Death & Mutiny on the Brisbane Star.

    Hi I'm a british military history writer and very pleased to be part of this historic site. I've dipped in and out a few times viewing military history items, so its good to go live on site! Just published a new ebook about my Grandfather's trip on the Malta Convoy in WW2.

    I've dedicated the book (70th anniversary tribute) to Thomas Smedley and Bob Sanders, another crew member. If your interested in reading the above named book (in title) check it out at Smashwords and Amazon ebook site.

    Has anybody else got a connection with the Brisbane Star? With any stories of their family or friend, that may have been involved in the Malta Convoy or the Arctic Convoy, which my father, John Richards, was involved with (the next book in my series of True War Stories in WW2). Let me know your stories?
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