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Good books on Franco forces of Spanish civil war?

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  • Good books on Franco forces of Spanish civil war?

    I have recently developed a serious interest for the Spanish civil war. After months of surfing wikipedia and viewing docus on YouTube I bought "The Spanish civil war" by Anthony Beevor and was quite disappointed.

    Have never read anything by this author before, but heard lots about him. Quite popular among more "casual" war nerds, or whatever you'd call 'em. His books on Stalingrad and Berlin I find in basically every home I visit... But didn't get a very good impression because of his quite one-sided focus on the Spanish war. Very few chapters with focus on the rebel Francoist forces, too much focus on the Republicans and the leftist foreign volunteers who fought for them...

    What I would like is some tips on some better books on this conflict. Should be a lot of 'em, I presume?
    One focusing on the Francoist forces would be extra interesting, since most of what I've read, heard and seen so far have been told from the Republican perspective!

    Want to know more about the exploits of the foreigners who fought for Franco. Books, memoirs, etc., written about or by any Italians or Germans?

    Thanks in advance!

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    I've read the book by Hugh Thomas... It was a struggle to read because it was very in depth with a lot of characters to track. I don't recall a bias and covers both sides well. I need to re-read it but I've wanted to Beevor a chance as I figured it would be an easier read.


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      In-depth and cover of both sides is just what I'm searching for

      At just over 1000 pages (if it's the right onw? Found ot being sold for around 20 euros on the net) I presume it has enough room to cover most aspects!


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        Yeah, something like a 1000 pages. I researched around before buying looking for the most comprehensive book on the whole war and this is what came on top. Included in the list of what I chose from was Beevor's and Paul Preston's, but Thomas came out on top.

        Good coverage on the International Brigades and the Italian and German commitments.


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