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John Keegan - RIP

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  • John Keegan - RIP

    Noted military historian John Keegan died in London yesterday.

    Many of us have read his work.

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    The passing of a great writer with a unique insight.

    I've enjoyed reading many of his books.

    Sir John Keegan
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    Aldous Huxley: Ends and Means (1937)


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      A very important author IMO. I've seen his material referenced in the works of many others which probably says something about his work.

      RIP Sir John.
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        I just recommended his WW I..........
        Lance W.

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          Sad to hear him go but he certainly lived a fine and full life, as much as any of us can ask for. I like just about of all of his work, he was not withput flaws, but a damn sight better than most. The Face of Battle was the first hardcover book I ever bought, and it still retains pride of place on my shelf.
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            RIP Mr. Keegan.

            I truly enjoyed your books. Especially The Face of Battle and The Mask of Command.
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              I studied under his mentor at Sandhurst, Gunther Rothenberg, when I was at Purdue. He had interesting stories about John.
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                Rest in peace, John.
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