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Ratio of Military to Non-Military books in your personal library

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    Originally posted by Naffenea View Post
    Probably 50/50. too.


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      I got over 1,000 books. Let's see...65% are military related which includes fiction. 10% in economics and financial fields. Another 10% is fiction that is not military related. 5% graphic novels and the last 10% is political biography and political studies.

      Rep to the first person who can guess what military history subject takes up the most space.
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        Yeah, I had to go and count mine, too! I have about 170 military books and the vast majority of those are on the British Army from the 1790s to the Crimean War and the Indian Mutiny. Mostly they consist of books on uniforms with about 50 Ospreys, and the Big Guys of the period like CCP Lawson, Oman Anglesy, Kipling and King, etc and about 15-20 first person accounts of the Peninsular War, Waterloo and the Crimea. My ratio of military to other books is about 1:4 An interesting thread!
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          I don't know the exact number of books I have. Too many to count (or I am too lazy to count them). I'd say I had about a 60% - 40% split between military (both fiction and non-fiction) and others. I have a lot of scifi/fantasy books also. I would have more books if I had more room for them.

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            About 3/5 of my book collection is military history related, 1/5 railway related and 1/5 other (fiction: miltary, sci fi etc...)


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              About 98% are military related.
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                I'd say about 1/2 if you count military and history together,and if you count the Roman Era,Early UK,Scotland,and Ireland, and early colonial days,yeah about 1/2. Maybe a little more. Rest runs the gamut. Like my Sherlock Holmes collection.
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                  This is good place to guessestimate my inventory. I have physical copies of around 160 commerce/work-related books. In digital format, I should have just as many.

                  I've read 142 of these cover to cover.

                  Military books, I think I have around 40 or so. I have a bundle of Osprey PDFs but that's about it. Only have read 3 or 4 cover to cover.

                  That's 20% military, 80% non-military.
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                    Shelfari graphs my reading.

                    This is what I've read over the past 12 years, although there's much I haven't entered yet. I've only been there a few short years, and have only been carefully logging what I'm reading these last two or three. I simply can't remember everything I read before that. Opposed to that of the general population on the right.

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                      about a fourth are History related, the rest is Sci fi, Crime Fiction
                      but the main part are coling books

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                        If you include military themed historical fiction and atlases then its about 75%. The rest is mostly about language and detective fiction.
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                          I have never really counted how many books I have, mind you, I have boxes and boxes in storage, many, many hundreds in my book-cases and I am always buying more books. For instance, over the past month I have brought the first three volumes of Rifle Green in the Peninsular, John Franklin's Waterloo Hanoverian correspondence. and I have coming in the next couple of days, Napoleonic Uniforms 1790-1815 by Lucien Rousselot. Though I have the individual plates, I need the book for easier access than having to haul out the plates every time I'm looking for a uniform detail.

                          All the non-military books I have are only about fifty-odd in total.

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                            I ended up getting rid of about half my books prior to moving to Europe. I still have four full bookcases, however. One shelf is entirely devoted to Greek and German philosophy and the writings of the Old Church Fathers. Another shelf is roughly half composed of books on National Socialism, Marxism and Anarchism, the other half is devoted to insurgencies. The last two shelves are almost entirely Russian-language books, 3/4 consisting of the Russian Civil War, the war on the Eastern Front and the Soviet Secret police. The last 1/4 is Russian literature and language books. In addition, I have around another 600 books in e-format (pdf,djvu,word). Most of these are also in Russian and are generally focused on military or political history.


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