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    I've had the urge to buy some of this guys books for some time but I don't want to buy stuff I can download off the internet. I see that much of his American stuff is simply a reprint of published field manuals...unfortunately he prints the manuals not available from the source I know
    Some of his other stuff seems tocome from intel publications the like of which I see on but there might be more to what his books offer.

    Can anyone give me some insight?
    Does anyone have other source(s) for FM's?
    Are these books worth the buy?

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    George Nafziger?

    He is prolific but I have only skimmed his books on the Napoleonic period (he seems to focus on that period the most). My take on his work is that they are good for the obscure information on orders of battle and formations. I haven't purchased one as yet as there are too many other books to read without worrying about how many 6 pdrs were with a particular horse artillery unit at Wagram.

    <<or how many Pz II were with a unit of Croatian SS in Montenegro and April 6th 1943>>

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      Does this help ??
      Scientists have announced they've discovered a cure for apathy. However no one has shown the slightest bit of interest !!


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        I was not os interested in the order of battle works as the tactical stuff...

        Play La Marseillaise. Play it!


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