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Ivan Maisky’s diaries “Between Churchill and Stalin”

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  • Ivan Maisky’s diaries “Between Churchill and Stalin”

    Ivan Maisky was a son of a Polish military doctor. While studying at the University of Saint Petersburg he became a zealous revolutionary activist. He was forced to leave Russia after being exiled for several years to Siberia for his political views. At the dawn of his political career, before the October Revolution in Russia he lived for five years in London. Then, after joining the Communist Party in 1921 he returned to the UK as Soviet government envoy in 1932 and served as Ambassador until 1943.

    It is curious that during the visit of Winston Churchill to Moscow, probably, in the most dangerous and decisive moment of the whole war in 1942 Stalin, while speaking to the Prime Minister, embarrassingly called his Ambassador a long-tongued person. That could explain why a year later Mr Maisky was recalled to Moscow.
    The Diaries of Ivan Maisky serve as an inexhaustible source of vivid facts and curious observations, illustrating dramatic pages of history of the XXth century. His 11-year experience as Ambassador to London, his many personal meetings with Winston Churchill have made his memoirs a Bible for many young Russian diplomats of succeeding generations.

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