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No announcement of Panzer Command: Osfront demo here?

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  • No announcement of Panzer Command: Osfront demo here?

    You guys do know it's out right?

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    I'll buy the game anyway, why bother with the demo?


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      Originally posted by Redwolf
      why bother with the demo?
      Probably because the game isn't out yet? Most people are not patient enough to wait, even if they know they want to buy the game they need something to help pass the time. Personally I'll be getting the CMBN demo if it's more than 12hrs until the full game is released .

      As for this being competition for CMBN - I just don't see it.
      Never played the first Panzer Command game, and also missed out on the old CMx1 titles. But having played through the demo for PC:O I struggle to find any reason why someone would choose this over CM...

      Granted there are a few features I would love in CM, it is generally more user-friendly when it comes to navigation. But the game itself is utter crap in comparison to the CMx2 titles.

      I was playing through the tutorial mission and there were far too many things which bugged me, one of the worst being not being able to control all your units, only those which are in control of the platoon. I think there were options for the non-leading units, but very limited.

      Not being able to give a move order, then a facing order was another hassle. It seems the units are only able to perform one task at a time.

      Then there was how the game handles threats - My PZIII stopped 80m from a soviet troop with an ATR, directly facing my tank, and instead of firing his MGs he decides to opt for the painfully slow firing and reloading of his 50m gun...Why?! He missed the first 2 times...

      Before that, a mortar landed 40m from my halftrack, it stops, the crew are stunned, and my infantry jump out (actually there was no animation for this, they just appear outside the halftrack) they are now pinned down and cannot move for 2 turns...
      This infantry just happens to be the leading infantry, so my other 2 squads are useless until this one is again active. Meanwhile, my other two halftracks are stationary because I don't want to leave the infantry out on it's own and another halftrack has a round land nearby, same thing again - The infantry bail out and are suppressed.

      While this is happening my tanks are bounding forward (a nice feature, though only for Germans apparently) and take fire from an AT gun. Because there is no RTS, I have to wait and watch as only 1 of 5 tanks return fire, had this been an RTS I would of been able to get more firepower on this target, the result was I lost the tank. Now I realise this problem would of occured with CMx1 too, but unlike PC:O, CMBN has grown-up and gives the player an alternative to the WeGo format.

      I should stop ranting because I don't want to offend any WeGo fanatics or PC:O fans - But I just wanted to point out that anyone considering this to be competition for CMBN should really check out that demo when it arrives, the games are a decade apart in terms of technology and aside from a few (very impressive) features relating to camera control, PC:O will never be able to compete if it keeps comparing itself to the old CMx1 games.

      Actually one other thing I liked was how the computer determined the path a unit would take, whether by keeping itself in cover or rushing out in the open etc.. However, again, with RTS this wouldn't be necessary.

      Annnnnnd, flame away.
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        I got a press release overnight. Will start posting news on the front page shortly. Just wanted to check my email for anything urgent, then visit the forums before I started posting
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