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  • DMP Mod - War in the East

    Hello everybody!

    First let me introduce myself.
    My name is Gerhard, I am moderator on

    We are a German modding community and we made some mods for Gary Grigsby's War in the East.

    So let me show you some details.

    We totally redesigned the map.
    New Oceans
    New Rivers
    City pictures

    Here for example you can see Prague

    We have also changed the interface into a more pretty look

    Here for example the Movement Interface

    And last but not least the Countermod

    Let the pictures speak for themselves

    The map and the interface mod has been already released


    Download and more informations you can find here.



    This mod contains 131 new graphics for the interface of the game.

    Download and some screenshots of the new interface you can find here:


    We wish all fans of War in the East a lot of fun with the mods.

    The counter mod will be released soon.

    Gerhard Team DMP

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    Hi Gerhard. Can't believe I missed this post until now.

    Great stuff. Keep us posted on this.
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