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Steel Panther's players needed.

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  • Steel Panther's players needed.

    If there are any winSPWW2 or winSPMBT players out there, I'm working on a little project that could use some players. Basically its a custom User Campaign with a multiplayer component that I have come to refer to as a "Multiplayer "User vs AI" Campaign".

    This is being tested on another site (the Shrapnel Games forums) and it seems to be going pretty well but I thought I would offer up that same kind of game experience to any SP players here. The current game is "loosely" based on a
    continuation of (or second) Russian Civil War.

    Not sure the next one would be WWII or post WWII themed. I guess it depends on the interest of the majority of any players here at ACG who want to give it a go.
    [Official Game Thread] "To the Berezina River" Napoleonic Game

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    Try poking Scout32


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      Sounds like fun.

      Unfortunately my gaming rig is out of commission for a couple of weeks. Looking forward to trying this once it gets back from the shop.
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        I did it before would like to do again
        Are we there yet?


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          Oh it would have to be winspmbt I really did not like the other one. Something about game play or balance
          Are we there yet?


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