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  • Steel Panthers 3

    Has anyone got round to knocking up a version of this that works on XP?

    Failing that are there any modern setting mods for SPWaW?

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    You can get SP 3 to work in XP with DOSBox.
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      OK, I've got some fairly good news here.

      First, Steel Panthers is alive and well. After SSI went under they released all the source code. Both Matrix Games and Shrapnel Games snagged it.

      Here is the deal:

      Both companies can improve and work on the engine provided that they make no money on the engine.

      Why are they charging you ask?

      Because of the add-ons. Both have invested time and money creating new content around the engines.

      Matrix's version is only WWII. Shrapnel has two versions, one is WWII and the other modern.

      I believe all the games run off of the Steel Panthers 2 engine, which means they are squad-based, not platoon based as was SP3 and the the command and control is using SP2's engine, not SP3's.

      Finding these games isn't impossible, but they can get buried underneath more recent developments, so a Google for them is the best way to get them.

      Again, the *engine* itself is free and there are tons of scenarios available on the internet which should run off the engine.

      I have not played any of Shrapnel's games, but I do know that Matrix has been charging ~ $80, yes $80 for its mega campaign bundle. That, believe it or not, is worth the money. It has four mega campaigns, and IIRC the campaigns are dynamic, meaning you take your force through them from start to finish. In addition it has somewhere around 300 scenarios.

      Four campaigns with many scenarios (I don't have an exact count) and 300 stand-alone scenarios. $80. If you need more detail on that LMK and I'll run some traps.

      But...don't forget. The base game engine should be available for free.

      Shrapnel's Steel Panthers Main Battle Tank can be found here:
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        Originally posted by Fodder76 View Post
        Has anyone got round to knocking up a version of this that works on XP?

        Failing that are there any modern setting mods for SPWaW?
        Your best bet is WinSPMBT but none of the available SP versions out there are at the larger SP3 platoon unit level.
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          It wasn't the larger formation sizes per se that I preferred but the larger scale hexes.

          May have to try and finally conquer DOSBox, it can't be that hard if my bro can use it.


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