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    I assume that because you're here, you enjoy turn-based games.
    I will also assume that you're here for a new challenge, to expand horizons, to chat, you're bored, or a combination of each.
    Lastly, I will assume that because you're here, you are interested in meeting new people from around the world while you play together online.

    If this sounds (even a little) like you, then I have a proposition I'd like to put forward;

    War Of Empires. A relatively small, but vibrant and friendly real-time turn-based strategy game.

    Heres the basics;
    -- The game consists of 'ages' (age 25 began on the 3rd of March) each lasting roughly 2-3 months.
    -- The game is TEXT BASED with some, limited graphics. NO downloads required. A browser is all you need.
    -- Free to play (there are premium services available also, however these in no way affect your ability to play, or more importantly WIN the age)

    There are also a few things that set it apart from the other games of the same genre;
    -- INSTANT ATTACKS. No waiting three hours for your troops to return back from a mission, attacks are instantaneous.
    -- There's an EMPIRE win, as well as an INDIVIDUAL title. After each of these titles are decided, the age is over. Ages are NOT open ended.
    -- The game is operated by the sole owner, creator, coder, and administrator of the game. This ensures a very personalized and welcoming atmosphere.
    -- That old saying; it takes a minute to learn and a lifetime to master. It's ALWAYS a challenge.
    -- This one's kinda sucky, but it's genuinely sincere; the people. I've been around since late 2006, and the people always make me want to come back to play the next age.
    -- The game is for the old, the young, the new to gaming or the experienced. School aged kids, Uni students, Mum's and Dad's... They're all welcome here.

    -- The game is somewhat time consuming; to rank well, you'll need to be online at least twice each day. Having said that though, if you're not so keen on winning the age, other titles are on offer which require much less time.
    -- It's crazy addictive.
    -- Text based. Although, this is kind of an advantage too. There's a bit of reading to be done, but all the information you need is in front of you.

    I realize that this is long and drawn out and all that... but if you managed to read the whole lot and haven't closed off your tab just yet... This game is for you.

    Finally (yeah... i know... ), here's a link to the game which will let you sign up as a referral of myself. That means you will be able to message me directly, and I can provide you with help right from the start. d560

    Otherwise, if you'd like to check it out without having to sign up and talk to me (booooo!!), then you can go to;

    Thank you for your time, I hope it wasn't too much of a waste!!

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