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    Originally posted by Twitter3 View Post

    Are you VCO's able to work with this new update? I DL your games before I even had the game in my hands. If not, I read somewhere were you can load the main game and save it and then update the game and save it as a different name and be able to play the older scenarios that are not compatable with the new update. Is that correct?
    Originally posted by Mackie View Post
    I have a similar question. Is it possible to convert scenarios from previous TOAW games to III? There's a Falklands scenario I want to try but it's for COW.

    Anyway, I've been really enjoying the patch, excellent work.
    Only TOAW-ACOW games can be directly converted into TOAW III, open them with the editor and save them. For scenarios built with older versions of the program, like Vol I, II and WotY you need to convert them first with ACOW then use the method described earlier. That said older scenarios may need some rework to take full advantage of the new engine.

    As for my VCO series, I haven't fully tested them yet but I can't see no reason why they wouldn't work with 3.4.


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      Can't double rep you, but thanks man


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        What Golani said! Appreciate the info and VCO games.
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          To add to what I've said before about the VCO series, they even modded my counter mods to the new png standard, so now you can play them with either the old or new graphics, shows you how much effort they put into it


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            I'm stuck in the middle of a large email game.
            May have to wait to patch it.
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              Good thing I don't have time to play it now because it won't run for me.

              Glad I saved the old version.
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                Does anyone know how to swap fonts for the game map? I can't stand this new font that came with the patch - it's exceedingly difficult to read on my monitor and I'd much rather have the original font.


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