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Which Strategy Games Need a Sequel or Remake the Most?

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    Originally posted by Inbound View Post
    Panzer General (original DOS version)

    Clash of Steel (original DOS version)

    no need to reinvent the wheel...just make them run on new operating systems
    Trying to decided this very morning between starting a new Allied General or Panzer General campaign...

    Going to be playing on my PS3. You're right, no need to reinvent the wheel...
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      X-COM / UFO

      While there are several squad level games nowadays (some in FPS form), they are all using static, scripted missions. Like playing a movie.
      In X-COM the missions had an important, strategic role in winning the actual war. That's why they felt more meaningful than "run forward through the linear mission until you see the next cutscene".

      There has been a "successor" of some kind in the works pretty much nonstop since it came out.
      The next ones coming up are Xenonauts and UFO-Extraterrestrials 2.

      Someone is also using the "real" X-COM franchise to release some first person shooter.
      *shrug* Good luck with that.
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