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    Hi all, I am looking for a really good real time or turn based WW2 tactical/ strategic simulator. I am interested in fighting on the German side. I saw one once but cant remember the name of it. It was a scenario based game that was played out between the Russians and Germans. I am really keen to locate something as this is the only kind of gaming that I really get into.
    Any help will be greatly appreciated.

    Cheers, Tiger_Ace78

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    Advanced Squad Leader. It is rules heavy, but you don't need all the rules to get started.
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      I'd say it depends on a few things-

      1. What's your definition for tactical.

      2. What's your definition of Simulator.

      3. How much time are you willing to invest.

      4. Are you looking into playing h2h or Vs. AI?

      If you'll be able to answer these It'll probably be easier for all of us to advise you properly.


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        Golani, hi,
        I am looking for something that uses squad/ platoon level tactics (infantry) with a minimum amount of assisstance from armour/ artillery. As far as simulator goes, I am not looking for a first person shooter but want to be able to look over the battlefield in a third person perspective.
        Time.... well as much time as it takes. I am able to invest days into the scenario if that is what it takes.

        I am looking for a reasonable amount of AI in the scenario's, I want it to be challenging but not so tough as though I am trying to push a 20 ton truck up a hill by myself. Whilst I intend on playing it by myself, most of the time, it would be good to have the option to play on line if I wanted to.

        Well I hope that answers your questions.

        Cheers, T_A78


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          Well, sounds like your best bet will be to wait for battlefront to release Combat Mission: Normandy.

          Close Combat gave me (and still does) years of fun with an endless amount of mods and variants, but I'm afraid it's AI isn't all that great.

          CMSF would have been the perfect game for you, but it focuses on modern battles

          Normandy supposedly is based on the CMSF engine and so far sounds like the best bet.

          Check it out:


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            Here is a link...

            To a game called SPWW2. It is free,fun and has it's own forum for all the support that you need.

            You can play any nation that you desire.
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