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World in War - a WW2 turn based strategy game

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  • World in War - a WW2 turn based strategy game

    Hello everyone, I'm Fredrik and I'm extremely new to this forum. I work at a games publisher called PAN Vision, we usually operate in the Nordic region but lately with the new opportunities in digital distribution we are creating games for a global audience.

    One of our first games is a game called World in War, it's a turn based strategy game set in Europe during World War 2. It's based on an old board game and an old Java mobile game also called World in War. This new game will be released on the iPhone and hopefully other Apple-devices and as a free flash game.

    Anyway, the game is still early in development and will be released this fall but I've attached a couple of pictures of the game and would love some feedback if possible we are all gamers ourselves so we want to make as good game as possible.

    You can find more pictures on our website and follow our progress on our facebook group
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    You have a nice looking website and some nice concept art.
    Any in-game screenshots?


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      Looks cool any chance of a demo?
      Are we there yet?


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        Hey guys sorry for a late response, I thought I set my settings so it would email me if anyone answered. I obviously didn't

        We are definitely looking at releasing some ingame screen shots, either this week or the next. We are also looking at producing a demo version that will be playable online on our website, a flash version.


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          That looks really fun and could be great need some shots and a nudge to make sure MAC was supported.
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            Hey guys, we have finally released World in War for both iPhone and iPad complete with two trailers

            You can get the game by going to our website at or by searching for World in War in the App Store.

            Can't post links to any of our trailers unfortunately but they are on our page as well.


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              Has a sort of Axis and Allies sort of look to it, likely more involved, but the short peak I gave it on your web site looked alright.

              Happy to see you are considering the hand held market some, precious little out there for it currently.
              Life is change. Built models for decades.
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              I didn't for a long time either.


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                Your comment "One of our first games is a game called World in War," seems to imply you are hoping to release other games eventually.

                I'd like to hear of your hopes for the future and in particular, are you open to other scales of action as the hand held game market is not well served at the tactical scale level.

                Not that there are many games at the operational or grand strategy scale either.

                Currently the iAnything has little appeal to me considering the cost of the thing in comparison to just carrying some more weight and doing a better job with a laptop. But I could see myself getting one if enough wargames justify the effort. I only own a Nintendo DS as a result of Panzer Tactics being made for it.

                I'd love to be able to play a squad level tactical wargame on a hand held though. Or perhaps something slightly further up the scale such as platoon or company level.

                So the question I guess is, what are your interests on any of that?
                Life is change. Built models for decades.
                Not sure anyone here actually knows the real me.
                I didn't for a long time either.


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