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  • WW2 The Big One

    This is a very detailed play by email wargame. Turns are 11 days = 1 game month. Players take roles as leaders, generals, and admirals and work on either the Allied or Axis side to fight the war.

    There are three levels to the game and multiple types of activity. On the Strategic level, players are national leaders and deal with diplomacy, espionage, production, research, and planning the war.

    The Operational level is where the plans become movement of land, sea, and air units. OP commanders issue the movement orders and when that movement results in contact with the enemy, it is the Tactical level players who fight the battles.

    NO dice are used and no random number generating schemes. Results are based on conditions, strength of forces, and player decisions.

    The game is free to play and the rules are a free download. Everything is done via email.

    We are recruiting high-level command positions now for a new game beginning very soon. (mid-May 2010)
    WW2 The Big One
    Detailed pbem recreation

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    Game update

    Hi all,

    The game got under way May 29th, 2010 which represents Oct 1939 in the game dates.

    We have only 23 players so there is plenty of need for more. For instance, the Air Operations have been placed under Army control simply due to lack of commanders. This forced a limit to the type of missions that the squadrons could take on.

    For naval matters, with a small number of Tactical Naval Officers, the number of engagements per turn is also limited.

    So this is a repeat invitation to forum members to check us out and consider joining. If you haven't already visited our web pages, please do. Download the free rules to learn of the unique game format.

    One of our players has indicated that my combat system (no dice) works well in his Civil War design.

    Do drop in.
    WW2 The Big One
    Detailed pbem recreation


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      More details

      How much time does it take? Less time than you probably play your video games. You won't get email every day, only when you/your role is involved. That is to say, official email, discussion among players is encouraged. Even better, you can play this game anywhere that you have access to your email.

      There are no deadlines. The 11-day game turn is really about date change and measuring production times for new units. It doesn't require players to finish what they are doing as battles can span turns.

      There is a definite sequence of events to each turn.

      For those who enjoy games with subtle concepts, this is one. For instance, completely separate from the upper high command is the tactical spying activity. The tactical players do their thing with agents and counter-spies and don't report to anyone for direction. They can do real damage using assassination and sabotage.

      Also, leaders can do both visits to the front and summit meetings to influence the game. Their movement can be intercepted!

      This is an intel game which encourages sharing of information among players. The different roles have their own manuals which contain information needed by others at various times in play. Spies from different nations gather different data that is not automatically shared with allies. Finally, results of research can be, but doesn't have to be shared.

      This is not just a combat game. The team that communicates best will likely do better in the results.

      This is my imaginarium !
      WW2 The Big One
      Detailed pbem recreation


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        One week later

        We need players for the AXIS side. This doesn't mean they are outnumbered in battle, since those are generally one-to-one activities.

        We have more players on the Allied side, so the number of battles that can be resolved simultaneously is limited to the number of players on the smallest side.

        We have some nice panzer tanks, u-boats, battleships, and Luftwaffe aircraft waiting for YOU!

        Germany has invaded Holland, Belgium, and France. There will be action in the N. Atlantic too as the French fleet engages the Germans for control of the seas.

        Armchair Generals are invited to throw their weight around.
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        WW2 The Big One
        Detailed pbem recreation


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          I have found this game to be engaging, unique, and detailed.
          The focus on teamwork for coordinated arms attacks is really interesting.
          The way the War is fought in the game has a tension fillest realism to it that should have any wargamer glued to his armchair in anticipation of the next turn or battle resolution.

          We only lack enough players thus far to make this the best pbem wargame on the web.
          Join up!
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