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    I really love the turn based aspect of the Total War series. The real time battles... not so much. To me anyway, you always end up playing the same types of battles on the same maps. You do one castle attack and pretty much all the others are exactly the same. Make a hole in the wall, climb the walls, and rush in to take over the square. All the city maps are designed identical except some are larger than others. They're exciting for the first few times, but then get very repetitive.

    On the other hand the automatic resolution of battles is iffy, the outcomes seem more random and inconsistent even if you have a more powerful army. So I end up playing through every battle, and each battle can take 20-30 minutes.

    Is there a game like Total War, that gives you strategic and tactical turn based battles that are highly varied and can be resolved under 20 minutes?

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    well from what I've read about the newest in the TW series Empire Total War the real time battles will be changing as they will not revolve around castles and with the new type of campaign map force players out side of their towns and into more battles within their territories. You can read a little bit more about it in IGN's review

    Thanks for looking!!


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