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  • Combat Mission / BFC news

    Some of it has been mentioned already, but I thought a quick summary for those who have been missing out on CM since CMx1 or since the initial release of CM:SF are in order.


    Combat Mission Campaigns has officially been canceled. The source code as it is (mostly Python, some Delphi) has been posted on Sourceforge. It includes a CMBB executable that has been modified to eat and spit out the files to do interchanges with the campaign game. Source code for CMBB is not included. Initial thoughts on the source package on Gamesquad are very mixed. The missing parts that lead to the cancellation at this point hurt and some calculations are very slow and of questionable value. The CMBB executable only runs of you have a BFC CMBB disk (a CDV disk is useless).


    BFC is now trying to get some fortifications into CMx2:Normandy that are subject to fog of war. CM:SF fortifications were visible to the attacker instantly or right after setup. Pending unexpected technical difficulties we will now get FoW foxholes, but trenches will still be always visible. If foxholes offer good cover (in CMBB you used trenches just to get strong enough foxholes) I'd say that's very good news.

    Overall forum chatter indicates that careful thought is put into properly securing WW2 heavy weapons so that you can have realistic attack/defense situations in CM:Normandy.

    Personally I think there are some skeletons left in the basement but I really like the direction this is taking.


    If you have CM:SF and gave up after the initial patches you might want to try again. The newest patches fixed a lot of problems. The blue bar in WEGO is back so that you can use the VCR controls right away, PBEM seems to work fine now. A lot of people like it now, some others still don't. You can have this update (1.11) with or without the Marines module.

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