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A newbie looking for recommendations!

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  • A newbie looking for recommendations!

    Hello fellow generals!

    I was wondering if anyone could suggest a few turn based games.

    1) I'm looking for a wild west turn based strategy game. I'm looking for something that has very detailed and deep skirmish gameplay.

    So for instance maybe I would control a group of bandits/cowboys/lawmen and have to manage the group's resources, deal with injuries, random events, money, fixing or replacing equipment and firearms as they get damaged with use, look for hired guns to replenish my pool of lost men, ect. I guess I'm looking for something that mixes Oregon Trail with turn based combat. Individual unit progression and experience is desired with the ability to learn or assign different skills in a highly customizable fashion.

    Anyone play Legends of the Old West or Mordhiem? Thats kind of the type of skirmish level and resource management I'm looking for.

    For the turn based strategic combat, I would be looking for something like Valkyria Chronicles for the PS3 in a western theme.

    Graphics aren't as important, but I would prefer the game not look 10+ years old. Scenarios that include train robberies, bank heists, and other classic western scenes would be a big plus. Online play with the ability to create your own maps/scenario is a plus.

    2) I'm also looking for a turn based WWII game in a similar fashion. I've recently been playing Company of Heroes and its fantastic, but I'm looking for a turn based format. I know there's a lot out there, its a bit overwhelming really and I know there's some good and some bad.

    3) If anyone can also recommend deep, turn based and highly customizable manga/anime styled strategy games of any genre it would be greatly appreciated!

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