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    First Combat Mission Shock Force - Marines Video After-Action Reports released

    Visit the CMSF Marines Videos page here:

    Our first expansion module for Combat Mission Shock Force, titled CMSF Marines, is nearing its release date and to help showcase some of the new units, vehicles and features of the game, one of the projects beta-testers has prepared the very first in-game video sneak preview and submitted it as part of our ongoing CMSF Video AAR Contest, sponsored by Matrox TripleHead2Go.

    Composed of three video chapters, these new vids were captured from a beta copy of Combat Mission Shock Force- Marines and depict a USMC armed recon into some heavily defended enemy infested terrain. Since the videos come from a beta version of the game, please note that they may not be indicative of final game performance, graphics or sounds.

    Among other units featured in the videos are various models of the Marine Corps Light Attack Vehicle, or "LAV" including the 25mm cannon armed LAV-25 A2, the missile equipped LAV AT and the command vehicle variant, the LAV C2 A2.

    You are invited to submit your own Video After-Action Reports to the contest! You can win a Matrox TripleHead2Go Digital Edition multi-screen Surround Gaming Module (\$329 value) as well as free copies of the upcoming Combat Mission Shock Force - Marines module!

    More details at the official contest page on the Battlefront channel at Youtube at
    Stay Alert, Stay Alive!

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    Combat Mission Shock Force - Marines, the first module to the Combat Mission Shock Force modern tactical warfare series, is now open for pre-orders., independent internet based publisher and developer, has also for the first time released additional information about the features and content, as well as a couple of new action videos.

    Official game page:

    CMSF Marines will be available in September 2008, only from via Download as well as Mail Delivery, and will not be sold in stores. The price is $25. Ownership of the base game, Combat Mission Shock Force (in any version, i.e. retail via Paradox, Gamer's Gate or Battlefront), is required to play.

    Pre-order customers can secure their copy right now! If you pre-order now, you are going to receive BOTH the download version as well as a hardcopy by mail at a $10 discount off the regular price. Pre-order customers will also be notified first when the game is released in September.

    If you don't have Combat Mission Shock Force - don't worry. You can also pre-order the special Combat Mission Shock Force + Marines Bundle with both games included for $45, and save even more! (a whopping $25 off the regular price).

    To pre-order, go here:


    Shock Force - Marines is the first of several planned expansions of the Combat Mission contemporary warfare setting.

    This, the first Module, adds a significant number of new formations, units, weapons, equipment and vehicles for both the US and Syrian sides, as well as brand new missions, maps and a campaign. General game engine improvements (such as TacAI changes, tweaking cover values and so on) are included as well, although most of them will also be available to all Shock Force customers via a patch. This ensures that everybody plays by the same rules and experiences the same basic gameplay.

    So what does the Marines Module include?

    New TO&E (Table of Organization & Equipment)

    Marines Infantry Battalion
    Marines Light Armored Reconnaissance Battalion (LAV)
    Marines Tank Battalion
    Marines Assault Amphibian Company (AAV)
    Marines Engineer Battalion
    Syrian Airborne Battalion
    Syrian Mechanized Airborne Company

    New Weapons

    M32 Multiple Grenade Launcher
    Shoulder-launched Multipurpose Assault Weapon (SMAW)
    M72A7 Light Anti-Tank Weapon System (LAW)
    M40A3 Sniper Rifle
    M16A4 rifle
    M16A4 rifle w/M203 Grenade Launcher
    RPG-7D3 (airborne version of the RPG-7V)

    New Vehicles

    Marine M1A1 Abrams
    Marine M1A1 FEP Abrams
    LAV-25 A2
    LAV-AT A2
    LAV-C2 A2
    MTVR 6x6 Armored Truck
    Mk23 7 Ton Truck (unarmored)
    M1046 TOW Humvee
    M1114 Humvee w/ Mk19 Grenade Launcher
    T-90SA Tank
    BRDM-2 (AT-5)
    M1A1SA TUSK Abrams tank
    M1A2 SEP TUSK Abrams tank
    M2A3 IFV Bradley with explosive reactive armor (ERA)
    M3A3 CFV Bradley with explosive reactive armor (ERA)
    M7A3 BFIST Bradley with explosive reactive armor (ERA)
    M1114 HMMV armed with Mk.19 grenade launcher

    New Scenarios and Campaign

    A number of standalone missions, about two dozen brand new Quick Battle Maps and a completely new Marines campaign are included in the Module! More details about the Campaign can be found under "Campaign" on the left menu.

    New Game Engine Features

    A large number of game improvements, bug fixes and engine enhancements are going into the Marines module. Most of them will be made backwards compatible for users without the Marines module as well in a v1.10 patch for CMSF. Below is just a short list of some of the highlights, for now.


    * Movement Destination Highlights: When placing a waypoint over ground terrain, the destination "action spot" is highlighted in yellow. Teams B and C (if any) also have their adjacent destinations highlighted when plotting moves and when giving facing orders attached to a final waypoint. Note that final facing is important for positioning "wing man" teams, so you should attach facing orders to final waypoints as needed.

    * New Color for KIA: The colored "highlight disc" for dead soldiers is brown, to distinguish them from seriously wounded soldiers whose disc remains red. "Buddy aid" can still be given to dead soldiers, but all it does is reclaim their ammo and weapons if possible. "Aid" to dead soldiers is pretty quick.

    * Target Arc and Facing orders may be given with mouse clicks that go "off map".

    * When placing a target arc, the distance in meters is displayed.

    * Disembarking troops may attach Face, Deploy, and Pop Smoke orders to waypoints.

    * "Target" command is available in the editor to check LOS (no targeting orders are saved).


    * New sound effects for incoming rounds, jets, helicopters, cannon fire, bombs, spotters, controllers. (Check out the new videos!)

    * Smoke artillery missions (and computer-player AI Support Plans may use it)

    * Computer player uses artillery and air support dynamically throughout the game, not just pre-planned strikes.


    * New soldier TacAI for Fire on the Move: Moving soldiers will sometimes stop and take a quick shot at nearby/exposed enemy troops, then resume moving. (Check out the new videos!)

    * New soldier TacAI for Moving Under Fire: Moving troops that come under heavy fire will only switch to Slow (i.e. crawling) if they are so tired that they could otherwise only use walking speed (i.e. not even Quick). Otherwise they try to move faster. And sometimes they cancel their move altogether and seek nearby cover.

    * Soldiers do a better job finding ridgeline positions even when "heavy" cover like trees is also present.

    * Soldiers position themselves better at corners of buildings and walls.

    * Note: the effectiveness depends on the orientation of the building in relation to the underlying action grid.

    * Soldiers move faster with Fast move, even when carrying heavy loads.

    * Soldiers move along trench lines better.

    * Sound effects for footsteps.


    * Improved damage algorithms for external systems on armored vehicles (e.g. optics, smoke generators, lasers, missile launchers).

    * Secondary explosions for burning vehicles as ammunition "cooks off".

    * Improved vehicle navigation in narrow urban spaces.


    * Internet Play: improved speed and reliability.

    * Explosions: the simulation of blast and shrapnel effects has been improved. The main thing you'll likely notice is that huge weapons like airplane bombs are a bit less able to cause casualties at long range.

    * Bunkers
    o Handled better by computer player
    o Protect correctly versus artillery fire
    o Correctly simulate top hits from Javelins

    * Machineguns may "deploy" inside buildings, though assembly time is 2+ minutes.

    * Sound effects for weapon reloading.

    * New background sounds for day and night.

    * Added a "special equipment icon" for night vision gear.

    The Marines Module is packed with a lot of cool stuff and it will be available in September 2008.
    Stay Alert, Stay Alive!


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      Online game manual for upcoming Combat Mission Shock Force v1.10 patch

      In anticipation of the upcoming major v1.10 patch for Combat Mission Shock Force as well as the release of the first Module, CMSF Marines, we have just updated and completely revised the online version of the full game manual!

      The Game Manual page

      This updated game manual allows a first peek at the features that are to come with the v1.10 patch and the Marines module, but also consolidates all the updates and enhancements that went into the game since its release last year.

      Features specific to the upcoming Marines module are not included. The Marines module, to be released next month - September - and currently in pre-order, will be delivered with its own short supplementary manual, which is yet to be revealed.
      Stay Alert, Stay Alive!


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        Stay Alert, Stay Alive!


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          Battlefront has announced that the Marines module is in very late beta and will be released in September. Read about it here at their blog:

          Kampfgruppe Vice Kommandir


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            With the release of the first Module for Combat Mission Shock Force - titled MARINES - we're happy to release a new set of four hot new in-game action videos today from the latest build (a final candidate build in fact)!

            Handgrenades! This short in-game video shows the improved TacAI logic of soldiers engaging enemy troops independently, even during movement.

            Ridge - a short in-game video highlighting the new ridge behavior: notice how the US Marines on top of the ridge are lined up against it and not spread out through the entire action spot.

            T-90's - in-game footage of Syrian T-90 tanks assaulting, supported by some Mechanized Infantry.

            Town Assault - in-game footage of US Marines infantry assaulting an enemy held town and running into some Syrian tanks. Both Action and Command Phases are shown, including the new "action spot highlight" feature.

            CMSF Marines video page:

            Stay Alert, Stay Alive!


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     is thrilled to announce that Combat Mission Shock Force: Marines has just been released! The game is available immediately for download from for \$25, and can also be purchased as "download&mail" or "mail only" option. CMSF:Marines works with all versions of Combat Mission Shock Force and is available ONLY from directly. A Bundle of both the base game and the Marines Module is available as well (for \$45)!

              Click here to purchase CMSF: Marines now:


              While downloads are available already right away, hardgoods (consisting of the CD, DVD-style box, and printed 32 page supplement manual) are currently in production and will be mailed out within the next 2 weeks.

              CMSF:Marines is the first Module to the Combat Mission Shock Force modern tactical ground combat simulation from Battlefront. It introduces new weapons, equipment and formations of the United States Marine Corps, Syrian Ariborne Special Forces units, as well as many game engine enhancements, dozens of new scenario and quick battle maps and a completely new "Semper Fi, Syria!" campaign.

              Click here to jump directly to the CMSF:Marines webpage for more info:


              Please note: CMSF:Marines is not a standalone game. Combat Mission Shock Force needs to be installed in order to play Marines! CMSF:Marines is in no way affiliated with - nor endorsed by - the United States Marine Corps!
              Stay Alert, Stay Alive!


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