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    Originally posted by StellarRat View Post
    Take a look at Les Grognards.
    For battles alone, this is the game to get. The dev has improved it constantly.


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      Depending on what level of simplicity you want.
      Napoleon's Last Battles is an excellent game. The system is very simple, but because it has a command structure which gives it a true Napoleonic flavour. As this is really what separated the different commanders and armies in my opinion.
      There is also a series of games based on a commander rating scema. 1809 is just one of the games. There is a 1806 game which I do not remember, The 1814 was called Napoleon at Bay, and there was an 1815 game with the same system.
      There was a 1797 beginner game for the system as well as an 1815 game called "The 100 days campaign". I would tell you these are the best operational campaign games. If you are looking for strategic level, Empires and Arms is the best, then Campaigns of Napoleon. Campaigns of Napoleon is a labor intensive game. Lots of counters, regimental/Brigade level. Empires is a lose Corps level.


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        Hi El. Cid - i think you are referring to board games, though i believe the query was in regard to a computer game.

        I love all manner of comptuer games that are based on the Napoleonic Era.

        For large battles and a wealth of realistic details for commanding forces, Histwar is perhaps the best.

        Napoleon: Total War is gorgeous but is less realistic and less about the factors of wargames in its tactical battles such as fog of war or formations, though the NTW 3.0 mod from Lordz does alot to make it more realistic with some enormous maps based on real locations being available also. Overall a fun game and the Total War campaign element always makes their games an overall full experience, enjoyable through and through despite some less realistic aspects in the vanilla game.

        For more strategy and wargame styled games, the following are all ones i highly recommend:

        John Tiller's Napoleonic Battles series and Battleground Napoleon Series the latter which can be bought as a single compilation from Matrix Games : classic Hex based IGOUGO these are perhaps the best around in both the enormous range of scenarios and the simplicity of the system. People have complained of the AI not being great, though i have found it decent and that it does some sensible things at times, like skirmisher ambushing me through forests, and cannon seeking out best positions to annihilate my reinforcements. The maps in the full campaign games are enormous so much that the game is both tactical and operational simultaneously.
        The graphics are not state of the art, game has 2d and 3d view but have not changed much in 20 years or so. I like them though and they are detailed enough to be representative of alot soldiers on the field.
        PBEM is very easy with this game and one can enjoy brilliant games this way - the best thing short of owning miniature

        Napoleon's Camapaigns From AGEOD - WEGO style grandish/operational strategy - excellent game, their system suits this level of play well and beautiful game maps. AGEOD takes great care with everything they create and you can always be assured of a rich wargaming/strategy experience with their products. Napoleon’s Campaigns 2 will be even greater!
        March of the Eagles – I don’t know much about this one, some indication is that it is like Napoleon’s Campaigns and is the sequel, but this does not appear to be the case as AGEOD still have talk of doing NCP2.

        Crown of Glory Emperors Edition - i think this is perhaps the one to go to for a grand game that operates at all levels and includes tactical battles. It has alot of detail. I have it though i havent got around to playing it yet but everything ihear of and read of it is great and it has sizeable manual.

        Campaigns on the Danube 1805 and 1809 - this is a great one, operational level and WEGO and done really well in terms fog of war and issuing orders. Its simplistic looking but has a lot of detail –one having to set up supply lines, hospitals, retreat points. There is both road and off road movement of armies, maintaining armies cohesively, bottlenecks – its all here. All the little things that could affect the running and success of a campaign. I get a real sense of atmosphere with this game.

        Napoleon in Italy – another gem! It can be harder to get running right on windows 7 but I have done it using the compatibility settings. It looks great and plays great with both a strategic and tactical play level. The AI is very active in this game, which I like. They know when to fight and when to flee the battlefield, so and in the higher level campaigns The Austrians were really seeking to annihilate me in detail. The battlefields in the tactical game are great and something that’s really cool is how armies in nearby areas can choose to join in the battle but you can never be sure whether they will get to battle in time or at all and so this can play a part in whether one risks continuing the fight or not.

        I would love to see the Napoleon in Italy engine expanded to focus on other campaigns in the period also. It would work very well and has the capacity to have some big tactical battles.

        Commander Napoleon at War – this one received so so reviews and it has some AI problems still, but it is still a good game and although its own mechanics do not seem to reflect Napoleon’s era too much, being more like Panzer General, it is still fun and the scenario camapaigns can offer some quick casual wargaming. Its straightforward turn based and has a simply set up for science and unit purchases. There is little to no diplomacy componenet apart form declaring war, so I am not sure how one gets nations on side when playing as France.

        I think these above all the games on the period that are available today for purchase some through Steam and others through Matrix Games and John Tiller Software and HPS Simulations.

        Fields of Strategy 2 as free strategy game is excellent value. I got and am impressed with huge number of scenarios – not just a range of Napoleonic but across many periods and including civil war, franco Prussian war and right up to the present. It has a cold war Fulda Gap scenario as well. Its pretty massive with the battles but there do not seem to be a lot of options in game apart from manoeuvring units as combat seems to happen automatically.

        Now, although you may not be wishing to look too far into the past there are great many older Napoleonic games also that can still be played today:

        Cossacks 2 and American Conquest Fight Back with Napoleon Mod: both very nice games, the mod game is limited with solo play opportunities but great with multiplayer and there are groups dedicated to recreating big historical battles with it. Cossacks 2 Napoleonic Wars and Battle for Europe are beautifully RTS and I have nothIng bad to say for what they offer, I just wish they offered more as the maps are not as large is in the Cossacks1 and American Conquest games.

        War and Peace from Microids : excellent real time strategy that has a great interface and diplomacy and a total war like campaign except that it is pauseable real time and not turn based. As the campaign map is zoomable you can also play the tactical battles on it on land and at sea, these may be somewhat simplified but they at least demand strategy and attention though the AI in all aspects of the game can assist. You pick a nation to play and all the nations play with their own goals forming alliances and waging wars with each other and with you. I like this game a lot. It is again an example of entertainment over realism.

        Austerlitz: Napoleons Greatest Victory, and Waterloo: Napoleon’s Last Battle. The second title can still be found on ebay but Austerlitz is impossible to get anywhere now. These are excellent games in the style of Sid Meier’s Gettysburg and Antietam. There have been also some superb mods made that can expand the games into other campaigns in the period. I got the Jena Auerstedt mod and it looks as polished as the previous two games, with all the landscape and uniforms redone correctly for the period.

        Wargamer: Napoleon 1813 - most will disagree having perhaps only seen the game in its horrid buggy initial state, but it is my opinion that this is the best game of the Napoleonic era above all the others, because it has all the elements of the above games, it just fell sadly short of sorting them all out when funding for it stopped prior to completion. Some later patches were made that rectified a number of problems though it still can crash unexpectedly and so saving is important.
        I mention this one on a number of forums and will do so here – i love the design of this game. It has all the elements of operational strategy and tactical battles that can be enormous. It is pauseable, scalable real time. Has a number of campaigns and tactical battle scenarios, has a selection of classical music from the 19th century in the background and does a lot of things right in line the history. This game still runs fine (well, as fine as it can) in windows 7 .
        I await the day (perhaps in vain) that a game like this is done again.

        other old games to mention just because I am now just trying to think of all the games on the era that I can, are “Fields of Glory”, “Battles of Napoleon” by SSI – an old game but apparently still some of the best AI ever seen in a game on the period. Surprisingly easy to play for an old game and interface, but difficult to win.

        Can’t forget either – Age of Sail 1 and 2, Man of War 1 and 2, and Wooden Ships and Iron Men for naval games for the period.


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          Napoleonic Computer Games

          Check out a new place to find opponents for your HPS/JTS games and like minded Napoleonic gamers at TWS Age of Napoleon web page:
          Historical discussions and more


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            What is that one dev that is trying to make an operational wargame online, Napoleon 1813 or something?

            Edit: Found it


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              Given the plethora of real battles, both large and small, that took place on real maps, I just can't understand why you would want a game where battles were played out on maps generated by a neccessarily inferior map-making algortithm.

              John Tiller's Napoleonic games have sequential turns, but they cover most of Napoleon's battles in excruciating detail. And if you really want a bit more simultaneity, there is even a setting for playing them according to the tried and true table-top sequential action convention. Few people tend to use those rules because they tend to slow things down to a crawl, but if you really need them, they're their.

              Simultaneous movement is a very tricky thing. In certain situations it is actually not more realistic, unless command and control is modeled into the game in very realistic ways. On those old battlefields things tended to happen in fits and starts, and for simultaneous movement to get it right, the slices of time would have to be very small (imagine Combat Mission with 15 second turns).


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                The Wargaming Society is having an Eckmühl Campaign Battle Brigade Tournament.... Members from all over the world participate in this tournament and it is a great way to learn a little history, make some new friends and have some fun! The computer game used for the tournament is John Tiller Software Napoleonic game the Eckmühl Campaign... JTS has also contributed 2 game downloads as prizes in this tournament.. Everyone who participates has a chance to win one of the games.. JTS as also put the Eckmühl game on sale... The tournament starts 1 October 2018!!

                Anyone can play in this tournament simply by joining the Wargaming Society... at:

                Battle On...


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                  for the very best WEGO turn game i have ever played visit HPS Simulations at link

                  look for their "Ancient Warfare" - series by Paul Bruffell. There are 6 standalone titles/games in the series..

                  Ancient Warfare: Punic Wars
                  Ancient Warfare: Gallic War
                  Ancient Warfare: Alexandrian Wars
                  Ancient Warfare: Greek Wars
                  Ancient Warfare: Roman Civil Wars
                  Ancient Warfare: Diadochoi Wars

                  I do not have a favorite and have not played them all, i had fun playing Gallic War but i would guess they are all great titles and best to choose one based on personal preference of setting. You should be able to find some youtube videos of play to get an idea how they play and the combat / turn mechanics.

                  From my experience units take a long time to die if they ever do since usualy minimal damage is done per each attack to pick away at the enemy over time and units can start with a lot of health/strength/men..

                  Great game though. I love the top down counter view but there is a more graphical view you can choose, i am not saying the graphics are a selling point, however the counter view, large maps and battles and mechanics/gameplay is.

                  You can sometimes find the CD version of the games for cheaper on ebay if you wait long enough, else the downloads are slightly cheaper than ordering the CD Box games from hps sims. I realize these are still expensive, the cost of a full price game each.

                  I know this is not a napoleonic setting, it is set in the ancient world. it is a wargame.

                  You can edit scenarios from memory however i do not believe there is a map editor as that is kept in house so you will need to use one of the current maps.

                  Because its a WEGO game, you take a turn to plan your moves, so does the ai in your same turn and the result of both sides planned moves are played out at the same time in the results phase, the units move like little ants both sides units move in that phase and also attacks are finalized. You can end up charging towards an enemy unit but missing them because they move away. its really fun to watch. Movement reminds me of an old zx spectrum game called "Zulu Wars".

                  You can also play this game as PBEM against another human in multiplayer.
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