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    What do you think is the best Napoleonic Era (turn-based) computer wargame and why? I'm especially looking for a few features (although it's not necessary that it has these - it would just be nice) :

    1) Ability to generate new, random or customized single-player battles (for after you've finished the campaign and if you don't feel like playing multiplayer)

    2) Simultaneous combat outcomes - where the opposing players give their orders at the same time but the ramifications are implemented simultaneously (it's NOT real-time, but each "turn" factors in the orders of both players rather than having separate turns for each)

    I know that with these features desired (though not necessary) Napoleonic Era computer wargames may be a bit of a narrow field, so really I'm open to any pre-20th century wargames - as long as they have lines of battle in general (although of course some guerilla forces are always cool).

    Also, the reason I ask for simultaneous combat outcomes is because I have a doubt as to whether traditional my turn - your turn gameplay is realistic because in real life no one is ever frozen in time while the other person makes their move. But maybe that doubt is unfounded because each player has to deal with the same turn dynamic. So, if that's the case, then please ignore the second feature that I requested : ). What do you grognards think?

    Sorry for the really long and complex question, I am a history enthusiast that has wanted to get into wargaming for a long time and am just getting started and am a little overwhelmed. Thanks, your help is GREATLY appreciated.

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    The method you describe is called WEGO, you can find it in one of the best Napoleonic wargame that's been released recently, Napoleon's Campaigns by AGEOD:


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      That looks like a great game but I was looking for a more pure battle game that takes place at around the regimental level (or roughly equivalent - it would probably be a different name/size for an ancient times wargame for example).

      Sorry, my fault, I should've been a little more specific in my post.


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        I can't think of any tactical games that would fit your requirements then, most are either IGO-UGO or real time.


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          Field of Strategy is more like a "construction set" type game (e.g. scenario building) that has a Napoleonic era component:

          There are a number of Napoleonic scenarios already developed that are included. I believe turns are resolved in WEGO fashion (not 100% sure). At the very least, all orders for a single side are executed at the same time. (Traffic jams galore!)

          There's not a lot of publicity around this game; it's kind of an underdog in the wargaming hobby but I really like it -- just never had enough time to get "into" it seriously. What I have seen of the game, though, I really like.

          Also contains modules for other eras (medieval, WWII) as well as higher (operational) or lower level (tactical) battles. Good stuff.
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            Originally posted by Boonierat View Post
            I can't think of any tactical games that would fit your requirements then, most are either IGO-UGO or real time.
            IGO-UGO or real-time is fine then.


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              You might want to check out for Empire Total War then:

              It's due for release Fall 2008

              Meanwhile you could try Napoleonic Total War, a nice RTW mod:



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                If you can handle the outdated graphics, HPS Sims makes a whole Napoleonic series. Wagram, Waterloo, Russia, and many others are included in their titles. You can check out their website at or alternatively you can check out gamesquads forums for a pretty active message board covering the series.

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                  I have been looking at Napoleon's Campaigns from AGEOD. If anyone has this and has any feedback I would love to hear it.
                  [Official Game Thread] "To the Berezina River" Napoleonic Game


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                    Crown of Glory The detailed battles are awesome so far for me.

                    Also have AGEOD's game but have not cracked the seal on it yet


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                      In the world of historical re-enactors, military board games and those who fight with military miniatures, there is a common thread of replaying history and studying past military conflicts. The age of computers has allowed those interested in such pursuits to expand their horizons and bring their interests to a world wide audience. Computers have allowed for these diverse groups to bring their interests together to form many different online communities. One such community is the Historical Online Learning Foundation (better known as HOLF) with its Civil War On Line (CWOL) and Napoleonic Wars On Line (NWOL) as it’s primary gaming engines.

                      HOLF finds in its roots many of the same types of individuals as every other gaming community, a mixture of re-enactors, board gamers and miniature users. This group is unique for many reasons. HOLF is committed to an enjoyable gaming experience that is and will always remain free to its users. The programmer involved in the creation of the software used is an active gamer in the community and is committed to upgrading the software as opportunities to do so are presented. Furthermore, unlike many of the shoot them up type games out there today, HOLF’s games require serious intellectual capital to engage in. Each game is made up of four modules that work in concert. Land Combat, Naval Combat, Diplomacy and International Affairs, along with Economics and Finance. Those engaged in this gaming system are truly attempting to replicate ruling the nation states of the time period.

                      HOLF is an organization dedicated to its membership. There are academies to train players in both the Civil War and the Napoleonic games. Advanced training is available in the HOLF War College. There is even a store dedicated to supplying its member with products appropriately labeled for the games they are engaged in. HOLF has an extensive membership that spans the globe with members on all the major continents and everywhere else in between. With considerable room to grow and a game engine that can support more than 100 players in a game, it is worth taking a look at this vibrant and exciting community.


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                        Scourge of War: Gettysburg has a Napoleonic total conversion mod - "The Road to Wagram". That's as close as I can answer the query.
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                          AGEOD's Napoleon's Campaigns (NCP) and Crown of Glory (CoG) are both great games, CoG has a bit more replay than NCP does.

                          HPS games have many, many battles and campaigns to be played and there are decent MODS for the old games to bring the graphics up a bit. John Tiller the Battleground/HPS designer is on his own now at John Tiller Software (JTS) where two great games Campaign Leipzig and Campaign 1814 have been out. There are also I think about a half dozen from JTS Napoleonic games to come, to round out the series.


                          In my opinion HPS & JTS offer the best ability at replay, with scenario editors you can create many, many combinations of battles on many different maps. Also the Parameter Data which governs various things such as movement cost, morale, firepower et al is editable too. There are many various projects underway by different groups to offer different perspectives and styles of play on these games. There are also updates that come out on a regular basis.

                          The Napoleonic Wargame Club (NWC):


                          Is a great place to meet people to play Napoleonic games. A good healthy membership level, active forums and many tournaments being played, it is worth checking out.

                          Is is a part of the larger Wargame Clubs, system:
                          Wargame Clubs

                          Featuring - The Colonial Campaigns Club (CCC), the Napoleonic Wargame Club (NWC), the American Civil War Game Club (ACWGC)

                          Also Blitz Wargaming Club

                          Playing John Tiller Software, HPS Simulations, Matrix, Slitherine, AGEOD


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                            Napoleon total war is good, I personally play the NTW 3 mod, which makes it more historically accurate


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                              Take a look at Les Grognards.


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