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Help test my new ww2 strategy war game

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  • Help test my new ww2 strategy war game

    If anyone is interested in helping me play test a new wwII based strategy game that I've been working on for the past two years then please pop over to for more information and game play videos.

    Very quickly the game is a tactical turn based strategy game inspired by "Tide of Iron" which I'm a massive fan of. The game is turn based but think more WarHammer turn based than Civilization turn based no hexes and no dice.

    The game is based on "manoeuvre" warfare rather than attritional based warfare and true line of sight plays a big part in the game. If you place the right unit in a key location and manage to fire first then you have a significant advantage in the engagement. Tankers of the time have stated often he who fires first wins the engagement.

    Please take a look if it sounds interesting and contact me at jonathanhudson (at) if you'd like more information on how you can get involved and help shape the direction of this game.
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    Something wrong with that link there, I think, it returns an error 404
    Major Atticus Finch - ACW Rainbow Game.


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      Hey thanks for the heads up I fixed the link


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        Here's some screenshots of time4war a new combined arms tactical turn based strategy game. The game plays out like chess but in a fully immersive environment. Future enhancements will be world map campaign and online tournaments managed from within the game.

        It's in early access but fully functional and includes tutorial, single player and multiplayer.

        Giving away free access codes to anyone who's interested

        Go to for more details






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