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Strategic Command WW2: World at War

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  • Strategic Command WW2: World at War

    Anyone playing this?

    I've seen some comparing it to Hearts of Iron but it looks more like a spin-off of Axis and Allies to me.

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    Actually it is a descendant of SSI's Clash of Steel: World War II, Europe 1939-45 from back in 1993.
    "I have never known a combat soldier who did not show a residue of war." --Sergeant Ed Stewart, 84th Division, US Army, WWII


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      I was tempted to get it, but, I haven't yet forced myself to indulge the earlier version that was just Europe (I call this release Strategic Command 3).
      Either way, I like the return to hexes (I refused to play the tile designs). I like the old school simplicity aspect (similar to Advanced Third Reich).

      Chances are I get it after it has matured for the year and likely will consider it as a viable Christmas 2019 option.

      Re the Hearts of Iron comment (insert while cackling here). No, it looks like a wargame, not that garbage known as HoI any number.
      You might have noticed I don't like HoI, so don't waste your precious time defending it
      I used to be all about science, history, wargames, and models.
      Then life happened.
      Today I'm all about romance novels, painting landscapes and collecting Barbies and Friends Legos.
      I still build a lot of models and try to play my wargames.


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