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Strategic Command WW2: World at War

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  • Strategic Command WW2: World at War

    Anyone playing this?

    I've seen some comparing it to Hearts of Iron but it looks more like a spin-off of Axis and Allies to me.

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    Actually it is a descendant of SSI's Clash of Steel: World War II, Europe 1939-45 from back in 1993.
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      I was tempted to get it, but, I haven't yet forced myself to indulge the earlier version that was just Europe (I call this release Strategic Command 3).
      Either way, I like the return to hexes (I refused to play the tile designs). I like the old school simplicity aspect (similar to Advanced Third Reich).

      Chances are I get it after it has matured for the year and likely will consider it as a viable Christmas 2019 option.

      Re the Hearts of Iron comment (insert while cackling here). No, it looks like a wargame, not that garbage known as HoI any number.
      You might have noticed I don't like HoI, so don't waste your precious time defending it
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        And here I am still playing Steel Panthers - SPWWII and SPMBT...
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          I have it, Ií've played it (that is to say Ií've played a bit of it not having the time to play out a full game yet) and I have to say that I am disappointed. To start with the Japanese have a larger economy that the Germans. Also even on the easiest level the Chinese are able to kick the Japanese out of China with very little trouble. Also you are only able to stack 1 unit per hex (which includes aircraft) so there is no way to gain an advantage over an opponent in combat.

          Overall I would say (based on my admittedly limited play time) it is not worth the $4o.
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