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***Darkest Hour Teamplay championship tournament registry***

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  • ***Darkest Hour Teamplay championship tournament registry***

    Victory conditions - The sum total of map victory points gained or lost of the 3 countries in your alliance at the end of a scenario.

    Bidding -If 2 teams want to play the same alliance, they can be bid on by promising to gain a certain number of victory points, and the first selection will go to the highest bidder; and if that promised number of points is not achieved they will gain zero points.

    3 Possible Choices -

    Allies -UK, USA, France(after fall of France can come back to help command Pacific theater)

    Axis -Germany, Italy, Japan

    Commintern -Russia, China, and ANY 3rd country not puppeted or aligned with Axis or Allies.

    Those who wish to register may send me their email through pm. I now have over 10 email addresses. I hope to be able to organize a database of Darkest Hour players which players can access according to when they're available, their experience level, and language(s) spoken.
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