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Talon Softs "Antietam" AAR

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  • Talon Softs "Antietam" AAR

    The following is an AAR of the battle of Antietam. I played as the rebels, against the computer. As I have played against the computer before, Ifirst positioned the Federal army for a all out attack with artilery in close support. I proceeded the attack with a massive artillery barrage before turning on the AI. The result wasn't very historical, but it was fun.

    19 September, 1862

    Mr President,

    Sir, I have the honor of reporting to you the results of the battle fought two days ago near Sharpsburg, Maryland, and bears the name of that town. On 15 September it was discovered that the Federal Army was concentrating to strike this army as it was on the march and vulnerable. This army was ordered to concentrate at Sharpsburg, which it was able to do, minus the division of AP Hill, which was guarding prisoners and removing captured goods from Harpers Ferry. Early in the morning of the 17th I ordered General Hill to join this army as soon as practable. The battle opened at 7am with an attack on our left flank by the Federal 1st and XII corps, supported by the Cavalry corps. The battle then swept along the entire front with the Federal II, V, and IX corps attacking along our lines from left to right. The Federal Army was estimated at 71,000 strong, while our own army numbered 37,000. Our Army met the Federal advance from strong entrenched positions and flung back the first two assaults. Generals Jackson and Stuart then counterattacked the I and XII Corps, out flanking to the left and rolling up both Corps and the Federal cavalry. This action resulting in the destruction of 3 Federal cavalry brigades, capturing Generals Hooker and Pleasanton, and pushing back both Federal corps past their camps. During this attack, both generals Jackson and Stuart fell wounded, both seriously, but not we pray, fatally. General Early also fell wounded, and it is my sad duty to report that he as died of his wounds. As this action was developing, the Federal II and V corps attacked our center and were driven off. On the far right, General Toombs and his Georgia Brigade held off all attempts by the IX corps to cross the stream below the town. Throughout the day, this army defeated all attacks along its lines, and at 5pm I ordered Generals Longstreet and DH Hill to force a general counterattack along the lines to their front. Every brigade in this army was committed, including the newly arrived brigades of AP Hills division.. The I and XII corps were driven well back, and Generals Meade and Mansfield were wounded. During this advance, General Mumford raided federal headquarters, capturing Generals McClellan and Porter, arriving with them at our headquarters late in the night of the 17th. The Federal army fell apart after this extraordinary raid. It was also discovered that prior to the raid, our long range artillery-the English Wentworth guns, had wounded General Sumner, commanding the II corps. During the battle, the Federals lost 5 corp commanders in addition to their Army Commander. General McClellan will arrive at Richmond in a day or so.
    On the right flank of the army, all attempts made by the Federal IX corps to cross the stream and break our flank were repulsed. Late in the day General Toombs gathered all available troops, less than 1,500, and attacked the Federal corps, driving them back from the stream and routing two divisions. In the center, the divisions of General Anderson and Wright drove the V corps back across the stream. The Divisions of General Hood and Rodes pushed the II Corps back. In the last attack of the day, General DH Hill led a charge on the I Corps that drove them from the field, however, General Hill was captured by a Federal counterattack meant to cover the retreat of both the I and XII corps. I have no doubt but that he is well treated, and can be exchanged. We have treated Generals McClellan, Hooker, Pleasanton and Porter with dignity and respect, allowing no harm or insult to befall them. Only darkness allowed any Federal units to retreat without pressure from us. . During the day this army lost 16 guns due to enemy action…we captured or destroyed, by actual count, over 110 guns. The Federal Army retreated on the 18th back across the stream, and under a flag of truce both armies spent the day gathering dead and wounded.
    We have also captured several supply trains and gathered 10,000 rifles from the battlefield. The wagons will be extremely helpful in evacuating the wounded.
    Our casualties are estimated at 16,000. This is a deep blow to us-even while we inflicted some 25,000 on the enemy, and forced them from the field, we do not have the strength to pursue. I have withdrawn the army over the Rappahannock to rest and reform from the fight. I do not believe the enemy will follow. We have dealt him a severe blow that I believe will take months for him to recover…not only in terms of strength, but also in morale and leadership.
    Mr President, Our offensive has been blunted at a heavy cost to us, but much more so to the enemy. Let us thank God for our victory and look to Him for the future. I pray for the recovery of Genls Jackson and Stuart, as they are worth an army corps to me.
    Respectfully, Your Obedient Servant

    R E LEE

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    nice AAR and well done against a numerically superior foe.
    "General Grant is a great general. I know him well. He stood by me when I was crazy, and I stood by him when he was drunk; and now, sir, we stand by each other always."

    - William Tecumseh Sherman


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      Great report.


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