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"Crown of Glory:Emperor's Edition" naval combat testers wanted

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  • "Crown of Glory:Emperor's Edition" naval combat testers wanted

    As we move forward in the process of testing “Crown of Glory: Emperor’s Edition” we would like to find some additional testers, especially those interested in focusing on the new detailed naval combat system. Whereas the original version of COG handled all naval combat using our grid-based “quick combat” system, now the player will have the opportunity to fight out naval battles ship by ship, gun by gun. We have put great effort into achieving accuracy and authenticity and a great level of detail, and testing results have been positive so far. It would be very good, though, to get some additional testers with expertise in naval combat of the period.

    Just to whet your appetites a little... There will be the choice of shooting at the sails or shooting at the hull, just as there will be a choice of whether to use canister and try to target the crew and marines, chain shot that damages the rigging but not the hull, or round shot that can damage the hull. Sails can get jammed, rudders can be destroyed, cannons can get loose, ships can get stuck on other ships, and fire can spread from ship to ship. There will be grappling and boarding of enemy ships, as well as salvos fired across the waves. All in all, the combination of highly detailed naval combat and our existing detailed combat system for land battles (which is being further improved on in several ways, including one that should be a most welcome new feature to many) will be unprecedented for a Napoleonics game.

    We also would still welcome new testers who already are familiar with COG. It is still too early for us to have testers who are new to the game, but in a few weeks that will change and we will want some fresh eyes. So, if you would like to be a part of the development process, please contact me THROUGH THE MATRIX FORUM.

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