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Looking For An Alternative To Hearts Of Iron II

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    Originally posted by Paul Maud'dib View Post
    SC2 and Commander are both Europe only designs.

    If you want fully global, you want GGWaW AWD like mentioned above.

    If you want a different twist, Making History might interest you. But it too is only European war.

    "Can Hearts Of Iron II be considered a realistic simulation or not?"

    Oh god it's too hard to hold it in .....

    Hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha realistic, ya right

    You might call it fun, but realistic, not likely. Not that the above titles are paragons of realism in every fashion too.

    Of the above, I think that Commander Europe at War, is the one that looks the most like a genuine wargame though. The rest depart from conventional old school wargames in varying amounts.

    If you are looking for a decent way to have maximum "fun" though, Company of Heroes, Axis and Allies RTS and Panzer Elite Action are all very high levels of "fun". They're all real time tactical though.

    I find a person either wants all old school board game looking, and for that, maybe you should try The Operational Art of War 3 (Matrix Games), or they want all new age real time 3d graphics. And for that CoH is actually very good at what it does.

    Oh by the way, I have all of the above games.
    Does Making History enable you to choose or assign historical generals to conduct warfare? I am seriously looking into this game as the general review pointed out that the scenarios are pretty unlimited in scope which might have a lasting appeal.


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      Been a while since I fired it up. But I am fairly sure there was no "leader" icon involved.

      Actually, the combat is fairly unigue, and unlike anything you might have experienced before.

      Politics and production is also fairly interesting and not just click a few buttons.

      The game is fairly open ended. But you can't get away with stupid notions.

      It uses turns, uses regions not hexes. The map is nice looking.
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        Before abandoning HOI2, you should take a lookat the many mods that are out there. I've been playing Mod34 for a few months now.
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          HOI2 Doomsday

          If you get the Doomsday version of Hearts of Iron II you get all the gaming goodness therein, plus the added time frame you are looking for. It runs all the way to 1963 or something. You can also get the Armaggedon expansion for added content, although it is more of an alternate future add-on than a realism add-on.

          If you already have HOI2 and like it, the Doomsday version is easily worthwhile. One of the best WWII grand strategy games around, as far as I'm concerned.
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            WaW is far less complex than HoI2.

            As for each game's timeline, Doomsday extends it to 1953 (with new technology, despite a certain lack of events) and Armageddon extends it further, to 1964. Unfortunately, it doesn't add post-1953 technology, and there are no new events whatsoever. The time extension is supposedly for modders to have fun with. Armageddon's additions lie elsewhere: a few new scenarios, improved mechanics here and there, and naval attachments (equivalent to brigades on ground units).


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