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Europa Universalis Rome - Developers Diary - Part 2

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  • Europa Universalis Rome - Developers Diary - Part 2

    Developers Diary

    Part 2 by Johan Andersson, Head of development
    Paradox Interactive

    Civil wars, what’s so civil about that?

    Every reasonable sized country runs the risk of the civil war. A disloyal character may consider attempting to overthrow the government. Various factors affect this but the most important one is having loyal cohorts. The more loyal cohorts a general has the more likely he is to go for it, any troops the general is commanding will also join him. For those of you who think all I have to do is simply remove him from command alas it is not so simple the troops will remain loyal to their general until he dies or they are disbanded and if the general decides to launch or join a civil war they will follow him regardless (they will also take the rest of the army they happen to be with as well). Now of course the obvious answer is to simply disband the cohorts that are loyal to a general, however in Rome all troops expect a pay off on disbanding. If the cohort ... Full Article
    ACG Staffer

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