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Gallactic Civ II Dreadlords

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  • Gallactic Civ II Dreadlords

    Ok this ain't a new game, but I played it tonight for the first time. Buddy came over and demonstrated it for me. Thanks alot Bill you son of a bitch

    The game offers a lot of things to do, the interface may look busy, but it's intuitive. Basically if you are inherently a Civilization type, and you haven't played this, kick yourself

    The turns run fast and easy. Everything is generally simple. It's just that there are soooo many ways to sunday in this game.

    Graphics are both simple, yet detailed at the same time. The game is colourful, with differing options given colour coding as much as is possible.

    Diplomacy is the most interesting I have ever experienced in a game. Not just bland responses, but very well thought choices. You can do all the usual micromanagement, but without the usual mystery.

    Granted I had a veteran player walk me through the first good dose of gaming. But it's clear this game has so much under the hood.
    It's possible a person could forsake almost any other form of gaming for Gal Civ II for easily an incredible stretch of time.

    There's a real chance I will be uninstalling Civ IV as a result of seeing this game. It wouldn't be getting played at any rate, why use the space.
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    There is a two expansions Dark Avatar and the upcoming Galactic Civilizations II: Twilight of the Arnor.
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