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Napoleon in Italy - Game Review

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  • Napoleon in Italy - Game Review

    NII will fit the bill nicely if you fancy a strategy game to keep you warm during the long winter nights with the added bonus of a history lesson.... Full Article
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    One the great features of these battles is that reinforcements from adjacent friendly armies, enter the battle randomly. This creates an edge of the seat factor in many fights, and the entire tide of battle can shift suddenly. In the tension of a close fight, players will have to stop themselves from tapping on the computer desk and muttering things like, where is Murat?
    That is one of the coolest things I've heard of in a wargame. Has this kind of thing been done before? (Not "scheduled" reinforcements per se, but random allies that show up to help.)

    Anyone know if this kind of behavior is also found in 1848 or For Liberty?
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