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Europa Universalis Rome - Developers Diary - Part 1

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  • Europa Universalis Rome - Developers Diary - Part 1

    Developers Diary

    Part 1 by Johan Andersson, Head of development
    Paradox Interactive

    We’ve been working hard the last couples of weeks, wrapping up the features and heading into the bug fixing and balancing part of the development cycle. The 3d-city view was finalised, and you can now select view on any city of the world, get a big screen and see what that city looks like. Of course, that view is not automatically shown every time you select a province. We have also spent a lot of time with the last remaining parts of the game, like tutorials, various city views, a proper front-end, and finalising historical databases. From now on, we’re feature complete and focusing most of our time on testing and balancing the game.

    Diplomacy and Culture groups

    One very important aspect of Rome is the way diplomacy is conducted. To negotiate with another nation, you need to send a character off to do the actual negotiation. This carries certain risk, as recipients may send back... Full Article
    Stay Alert, Stay Alive!

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