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Is Strategic Command any good?

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  • Is Strategic Command any good?

    I don't remember reading any reviews but the screenshots look good.

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    That's not a simple question any more.

    2 years ago I would have gladly said it was the pinnacle of WW2 turn based grand strategy though.

    The current design being SC2 World at War is the current evolution of the experience (but without hexes sadly). A much more polished game (but without the hexes).

    But today it has to share the playing field with Slitherine's Commander Europe at War (which DOES have our precious hexes ). And for my opinion, CEAW is better at doing what once was only done by SC.

    If a person was debating which to choose from, SC is a case of once was first place, now is second place. But you might want to grab the SC2 demo and give it a look. You might not mind the tiles look.
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      The original game is worth picking up if you can get it cheaply (as I did). I did find aspects of the combat, especially the naval side, a little too abstract but it's still an enjoyable way to pass the time, even with the hexes!
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