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  • Combat Mission Beyond Overlord

    Just snagged this one! yes, I know, waaaaaaayyy behind the times, aren't I? Just had to track it down, which I finally did via Goozex!

    That's the good news..

    Bad news is, when I fire it up, I get the "no CD is in the drive" error message, though it is indeed there where it should be. Now, as I'm understanding it, the CDV version (what I got) was already version 1.12. I, however, as is habit, installed the 1.12 patch before finding this out. So, I was gonna uninstall it and start over, but there is no uninstall option given, either in the Start menu listing or the Add/Remove Programs listing. My drivers are all current, having just going through that task for Orange Box. You guys have any other ideas?
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    Grab the 'No CD' patch. I'm not sure where to get it, my own CMBO isn't reinstalled yet. It will replace your exe with one that runs without the CD.


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      So do you have the other two Combat Mission titles?

      The three are all good options.
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        Both CMBO and CMBB from Battlefront are removed manually (simply delete the games from your hard drive). It appears that the (more) politically correct versions from CDV did not change it to add an uninstall feature.
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          Jim, although the CMBB and CMAK games are a step up in features and gameplay, I'd happily play CMBO to get a game going with you. Once you get this fixed of course.

          Perhaps I'm just tied to the past, but the oldies but goldies like these games are the only things I play these days...
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   is a good place to dig up games too.


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              OK, got her going! Gonna finish the manual and task through the tutorial now. HEAT, I'll let you know when it's SHOT OVER.
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                If you like CMBO, odds are that you will love CMAK with the free ETO mod package.

                CMAK has the same game engine as CMBO, but the engine and unit modeling are both much improved. No longer does infantry run around like marathon athletes, and infantry squads can no longer successfully gang rush a heavy machine gun.
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                  Great games

                  I love all three, never got into the multiplayer aspect. it seems like it would take a month to finish a battle.
                  It is one of the most addicting games I have ever played.

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                    Excellent titles all three.


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                      can't play CMBB or CMAK as they don't like either vista or my 8800 gfx card, slow frame rates and map edges do some funky stuff..


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                        Originally posted by Darkmage View Post
                        can't play CMBB or CMAK as they don't like either vista or my 8800 gfx card, slow frame rates and map edges do some funky stuff..

                        Have you tried this: go to your graphics card settings & override anti-aliasing, changing it to 2x. The frame rates wont be very fast, but they will be playable.
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                          Fellas -- if you like the Combat Mission series of games, you should join this online club:


                          You can play against human opponents ( and honestly, what fun is it to beat the AI like a drum game after game??), learn the tricks of the trade, learn all the quirks of the game and how to use / avoid them, learn about all the mods out there for different vehicle paint schemes, uniforms, terrain, etc. If you want to play on the club ladder and try to climb up to being king of the mountain you can do that, or if you just want a human opponent but don't care about who has the top overall rating you can do that too.

                          Check it out, it's 100% free, the club moderators keep the bulletin boards free of juvenile crap and bitching, they run tournaments all the time.

                          --Chris Jobu88 at the Blitz site


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                            The Blitz is a good site.

                            Check out GameSquad, if you are looking for something a bit more laid back and perhaps a little more comfortable for new players. See:


                            Don't forget to check out our KG site too! Just click the link:

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