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CMBB: 18 Scenario Packs Containing about 1,400 Scenarios

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  • CMBB: 18 Scenario Packs Containing about 1,400 Scenarios

    Following his earlier compilation of CMAK scenarios, grouped by subject matter, philippe_in_exile has turned his attention to CMBB scenarios. He tells us that he has compiled 1,400 scenarios in his 18 just released scenario pack compilations. The first pack deals with the Winter War between Russian and Finland. The last captures battles of the Spanish Civil War and other misc./off-topic battles. The sixteen in between cover the entire war on the eastern front, grouping the scenarios by chronology. You can download the scenario packs at CMMODS.

    This CMBB compilation can be of great benfit to the everyday CM gamer. But once again I am disappointed that the compiler did not give credit to any of the original scenario designers or even provide very much meaningful information about where the scenarios are/were posted in an authorized manner. He does mention SD I & II. Perhaps much worse, he has taken the liberty to change the titles of at least some of the scenarios. Here is what he says:

    "19 November 2007
    These zip files are a sort by season of all the finished CMBB scenario files that I could get my hands on easily. I've sorted slightly more than 1400 scenarios, only a few of which are duplicates. This probably means that you can play CMBB every day for three or four years without ever having to play the same scenario twice.

    There shouldn't be any recent material from The Proving Grounds, because scenarios from that site, by definition, aren't finished. Also, any files from the Proving Grounds that never graduated to Scenario Depot II probably aren't included (they will only appear if they were included in the Scenario Depot Salvage collection).

    There are probably stashes of scenarios for specialty mods at various places around the web. People who use those mods already have better collections of these scenarios than I do. I am not attempting to be encyclopedic, I'm just trying to put large numbers of Eastern Front scenarios in some kind of chronological order so that you can see what is available for Bagration, for Stalingrad, for Kursk.

    There will be a few duplications of scenarios because I collected them from different sources, or my hand slipped. If you start deleting duplicates, just make sure that it really is a duplicate, and that you delete the oldest and smallest copy.

    As for those who will complain that they were not consulted before these were posted, authors of books are not consulted when their works are put in a library. Think of this as a library whose purpose is to try to preserve a snapshot of the state of the corpus of finished CMBB scenarios as of mid-November, 2007.

    The best tool for searching for scenarios that I have yet to see was the old search engine at the original Scenario Depot. The search engine at the Scenario Depot II is very good, but does not include the older material -- it only has about 400 scenarios, and there are a bit over a thousand more. Having said that, if you think you are interested in playing a scenario that might also be at either the Scenario Depot II or at George McEwen's sites, I strongly urge you to download the scenario directly from those sites because it will contain, in many cases, extended program notes and printable battle maps that I couldn't include in a work like this but that are necessary for the full experience of the scenarios. What this gives you is an overview of all the available scenarios that cover certain subjects, because by confining my chronological sort to three month slices you'll almost always find everything connected with a certain set of events in the same time bin.

    In all but three or four situations I've imposed editorial discipline on the naming process, and the result is a scenario menu that is much easier to read and use. Someone who loads all the Fall 1942 scenarios probably wants to know what is available if he wants to play a Stalingrad scenario, and is not that interested in the call-signs of now-defunct wargaming clubs. In a few cases I've kept the collections of letters and numbers (e.g. Winter War Vuosalmi campaign scenarios give a richer experience if played in sequence). I probably shouldn't have preserved the Five Years Five Fronts sequence numbers, but left it in case someone came down with a case of prurient biographical curiosity.

    Since I'm concerned with the physical appearance of the scenario menu, I couldn't resist including the scenario icon bitmap that I'm currently using. I had a better one that I had made two years ago, but it died in an irretrievable computer crash. The current one is a medley with bits of several people's work, including my own. Feel free to use, modify, or discard at will. But just make sure you back up your original bmp 11240 before you do anything rash.

    [email protected] "
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    How do I download the scenarioes


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      That was 4 1/2 years ago. The email of the compiler is in my first post, you might want to start there and ask him.
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