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    Has anybody played "War in Russia" Matrix games remake of the old "Second Front-Germany turns East"?
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    Yes. it's good and free (I think). Of course, you know it's essentially a port so the old interface is still there.


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      In fact it is an update of the old SSI Gary Grigsby game of the same name. Here's a link for the free download of this "updated" classic:
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        Originally posted by KG_Jag View Post
        In fact it is an update of the old SSI Gary Grigsby game of the same name. Here's a link for the free download of this "updated" classic:
        How big is the DL Bill?

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          It's only 1.62 mb, as stated on the linked page. The original game was in DOS.
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            Cool, ill go DL it and give it a shot.

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              Actually the original name was "Second Front, Germany turns east"..
              I play often ,even play some play by email games too. There is a website/forum (such heresy I know ) for the game if anybody is interested. Lots of good info is shared and you can find email opponents if you like.


              Click on "enter forums" and go to the bottom of the page.


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                Here's what M. Evan Brooks says about the subject:

                "SECOND FRONT
                (I/Am) Strategic Simulations, Inc.; Gary Grigsby; 1990; ****

                The Eastern Front of World War II, covered from start to finish. Different levels allowed one to see losses taken down to squad level. One could replace commanders, build armies, seize objectives -- it was all here, but it was soon replaced by WAR IN RUSSIA."

                WAR IN RUSSIA
                (A/Ap) Strategic Simulations, Inc.; Gary Grigsby; 1984; ****+

                An operational/strategic simulation of the entire Eastern Front (1941-1945), this game was easily learned and played; sheer size and certain defects in the artificial intelligence presented the difficulty. However, it was superseded by Gary Grigsby's later efforts, e.g., SECOND FRONT, WAR IN RUSSIA, GARY GRIGSBY'S.

                (I) Strategic Simulations, Inc.; Gary Grigsby; 1993; ****+

                The third in an on-going series of revisions, which covered the Eastern Front in detail.

                (I-95) Matrix; Gary Grigsby; 2000; ****+

                An updated WAR IN RUSSIA, GARY GRIGSBY'S, currently available for free download from"

                Link to his site:

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                  I picked up Pacific War while i was getting War in Russia. Anyone know anything about it?

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                    Pacific War has a very similar lineage. Again from Evan's site:

                    "WAR IN THE SOUTH PACIFIC
                    (C/Ap) Strategic Simulations, Inc.; Gary Grigsby; 1986; **

                    World War II in the South Pacific -- a logistician's dream (or nightmare!). Complex and interesting, but it attempted to accomplish more than it could deliver. Recommended only to those with a specific interest in the period. For a better treatment, see PACIFIC WAR by the same designer.

                    PACIFIC WAR, GARY GRIGSBY'S
                    (I) Strategic Simulations, Inc.; Gary Grigsby; 1992; ****+

                    THE simulation of the Pacific. Graphically acceptable, its strength lay in the sheer data and scope of the campaign. In all truth, I find it overwhelming, but I can recognize quality when I see it. Highly recommended for retirees -- or for those for whom the expression "Get a Life" means something. It properly emphasizes logistics, and will allow the player to choose his own level of command -- supreme commander, area commander, or even a task force commander while the computer runs everything else.

                    PACIFIC WAR: MATRIX PROJECT
                    (I-95) Matrix Games; Gary Grigsby; 2000; ****+

                    An updated PACIFIC WAR, GARY GRIGSBY'S, currently available for free download from"
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                      LOL sounds like im in for it.

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                        Just DL'd War in Russia...gonna figure out how to play
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                          Originally posted by KG_AirborneBob View Post
                          Just DL'd War in Russia...gonna figure out how to play
                          It's fairly straight forward, once you pick your scenario, and which side you want, it automatically goes to the game. If you press ""/"" on the map screen when it will give you all the different "alt and shift" key shortcuts.

                          You can control production of weapons ie. tanks and planes, but not guns (at,AAA,arty), and armoured cars. There is also several readme doc.'s and the game book in the file, read them before playing.

                          In the util screen you can see all of your other options.

                          It will take you a couple of games to get the hang of it, then you will be kicking [email protected] with

                          The AI is kind of stupid though, and as such will not really prepare you for the human playing experience though. (learned the hard way..hehe)

                          If you make an "Alt/r" report you can then view it in the WIR folder, and it tells you what you have, and when all equipment comes Tiger tanks, T-34/43's etc. It also tells you the combat capability of all equipment available. ie. dogfighting, cannon, range, durability, etc. of air craft, and the Attack and defense value of tanks.

                          Here are some small excerpts from the Alt/r report SO050743 This is SO = Soviet 05= day 07= month 43=year

                          --- Air Groups ---


                          201st Ftr Div Yak-9 33/19 54 %
                          202nd Ftr Div La-5FN 43/18 54 %
                          234th Ftr Div Yak-9 31/24 48 %
                          --- Divisions ---

                          1st Tank Corps 90 0 36 36 8 65 %
                          2nd Tank Corps 120 20 48 48 18 73 %
                          3rd Tank Corps 120 12 48 48 8 52 %

                          PzKpfw-IIf 4 4 2 6/41
                          R-35 5 5 99 6/41
                          Pz-38(t) 6 4 9 6/41
                          -- Tanks in inventory ---

                          Type On map In pool Total
                          T-70 352 236 588
                          T-34 M40 815 132 947
                          --- other items ---

                          type............On map.In Pool.Total

                          infantry squads 65179 2844 68023
                          recon vehicles 1180 18 1198
                          artillery 16461 30 16491
                          antitank guns 12908 13 12921
                          flak guns 1048 19 1067
                          name............type....antiair.can.....load....en d.....durab...cost....avail

                          Bf-109E 0 19 6 5 10 20 3 6/41
                          Bf-109F 0 21 5 5 10 23 3 6/41
                          Bf-109G 0 21 8 5 12 27 3 5/42
                          Fw-190A 0 23 14 20 14 32 4 6/41
                          As you can see that is some very important info to have. You can make as many alt/r reports as you want..

                          If you guys have any questions post them here and I will try to answer them to your satisfaction.


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