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TOAW III Vs. TOAW CoW (Also a CoW question)

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  • TOAW III Vs. TOAW CoW (Also a CoW question)

    Back when I bought CoW, I was thinking, "Ah, the definitive version of the series."

    Then quite a bit after the fact I heard about TOAW III.

    Considering the consensus from the community as last I heard, that the latest "Good" version of CoW was 1.04 due to some bug or another that was never fixed, I imagine there must be quite a few improvements (I don't believe a newer patch for CoW was ever introduced.)

    So.. what exactly does III change/fix? Just the major points please, like "We fixed it so units with less than four squads don't have mixed movement and units reduced to a single squad regardless of type no longer gets motorized movement."

    Since it'll be a long while before I can afford to buy III I'm stuck with CoW in the meanwhile, and I've been fiddling around with that a lot lately.

    Right now what's on my mind is fixing a problem. I don't know if it's a bug or WAD, though. Considering what I'm trying to do it could very well be the latter.
    The problem is supply and readiness. Or well, of particular units. You see, I've been.. tweaking some of the scenarios. And by "tweaking" I mean "perverting their original spirit" by giving the Germans access to modern day Rocket Artillery and a few groups of aircraft armed with Nuclear weapons.

    Now, the aircraft seems to be fine. The Germans keep those supplied well enough. The Headquarters unit for the Battalion of Missile Artillery is fine. What is not fine is the actual Missile Artillery units themselves. On multiple maps at multiple scales, they invariably seem to wear out FAST. Despite having preposterous Proficiency and starting with 150% supply, the only way to keep them in the green is not to use them. I think they lose something like 40%* Supply/Readiness a turn after using a Nuclear weapon. They're not hanging out in the boondocks eithers, they're getting as many supplies as can be provided.

    The only thing I can think of is that perhaps I am not scaling the units appropriately, or their HQ unit at least. I think I noticed some improvement when I set the HQ to Regiment instead of Battalion for the four Missile Artillery Companies. That seems too large, though. I could be mistaken. Even using this page to try to make sure I'm using the right sizes I'm still basically winging it (I average a squad out to 10 guys and go from there.) Trickier still is figuring out what counts as just equipment and what has actual people in it that count as squads (Or do Machine Guns count as squads? They way they're represented in other scenarios I assumed differently.) And I wonder if some things actually count as multiple squads; is a single tank the same as a single squad of Rifle Infantry for purposes of determining unit size? The help file says nothing.

    One last thing: The HQ squad is using no Command or Support Squads. The help file says they are unnecessary and are only built in as a "vulnerability." If this is actually not the case then I guess that could explain why the units under the HQ drain so fast.

    *number pulled out of thin air from my head

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    CoW 1.04 was a good release.

    TOAW 3 is more about satisfying a need to get it back in production for first timers, but if you consider TOAW one of your fav games, the purchase of TOAW 3 is not a bad deal.

    I had CoW 1.04 and also wondered "why do I need it?".

    But I don't regret buying TOAW 3 at all.
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