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CMSF 1.04 Patch Released

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  • CMSF 1.04 Patch Released

    Here's the skinny according to Battlefront:

    "Posted by Madmatt (Member # 332) on October 01, 2007 05:47 PM:

    This patch offers big performance and speed increases across the
    board, and people with both multi-core as well as single core
    processors as well as ATI and nVidia video cards should now be getting
    much better framerates. In addition to these highly anticipated
    technical improvements we have also included substantial AI
    improvements in key areas like pathfinding, spotting, line of sight/
    line of fire, soldier responsiveness and behavior. Other tweaks and
    fixes have been applied to various game elements and players will also
    notice some improved terrain textures and better visual representation
    of elevations and distant objects.

    We are offering the patch in two distinct flavors as well. A 136
    Megabyte ALL-INCLUSIVE patch that will work on ANY previous version of the game (from v1.01 to v1.03) and a 45
    Megabyte INCREMENTAL patch that is meant to upgrade an already patched
    v1.03 copy of the game to the new v1.04 level.

    The v1.04 patches for the Paradox Interactive CD version and the
    Gamersgate download version were unfortunately delayed but will be
    released later this week. We also plan to have a Combat Mission: Shock
    Force v1.04 Updated Demo coming out in the next few days.

    Combat Mission: Shock Force Patch Download Page:

    --- v1.04 PATCH NOTES ---

    Save games created with earlier versions of the game are NOT
    compatible with v1.04. Please finish your in-progress games before
    applying this patch.

    --v1.04 Patch Features--

    * CM:SF is multi-processor/multi-core friendly. Workarounds like
    "setting affinity" to single-processor are no longer needed.

    * Improved frame rate, especially on large maps.

    * Improved vehicle pathfinding.

    * Various "stuck units" problems fixed.

    * Corrected a problem with shots coming through ridgelines.

    * Soldiers are much quicker to take up fighting stances and/or open
    fire when reaching a movement destination.

    * When ordered to stop moving, soldiers halt immediately rather than
    look for best positions. This helps them avoid unnecessary casualties.

    * Vehicles correctly respond to non-Movement Commands assigned to

    * Area fire versus buildings properly spreads fire versus all
    locations on the indicated level.

    * Soldiers are more likely to move through breaches blasted in
    building walls rather than close by doorways.

    * The TacAI is generally more likely to open fire, especially with
    heavy grenade launchers. Previously the TacAI tried too hard to
    conserve ammunition.

    * Troops do a better job facing in the direction implied by the end
    of a movement path.

    * Troops cannot disembark through walls.

    * "Target Light" works properly for infantry.

    * Corrected a problem where a vehicle would button up due to incoming
    small arms fire, but then become overly reluctant to fire its own

    * Corrected a problem where troops would not exit a vehicle because
    some other troops onboard were considered blocking exits even though
    they were not.

    * When units are pinned (i.e. they can shoot but will not respond to
    movement orders) it is shown in the suppression meter display.

    * Corrected some problems where teams within a squad were not
    properly coordinated for movement.

    * Smoke grenades don't damage vehicles.

    * Grenades are used properly (fixed a bug that made the range used
    too short).

    * Antitank weapons like Javelins are less likely to be used during
    area fire (except versus buildings).

    * Improved ground textures.

    * Distant terrain looks smoother and less "blocky".

    * Trenches and roads show up better at longer distances.

    * Map elevations are displayed more accurately when viewed from long

    * Brush terrain is drawn out to greater distance.

    * Computer player won't hold armored vehicles back so far in the rear.

    * Antitank specialist is more likely to be the man who picks up an
    antitank weapon (say, when unloading a Javelin from a Stryker).

    * Moving vehicles have reduced spotting capability.

    * Blown-out building walls don't cause lots of ricochets as if the
    wall was still there.

    * Fixed a bug that caused problems with splitting squads multiple
    times in turn-based games.

    * Fixed a bug that sometimes caused a crash during game-save.

    * Corrected a problem where multi-unit selecting a shaken/panicked
    unit would cause the multi-unit select to be canceled.

    * Stryker smoke is now the correct color (white).

    * "Game Paused" message is smaller and less obtrusive."


    The initial response from gamers, as reported on Battlefront's forum,
    has been very positive. See:;f=52;t=003108

    While some problems are reported to remain (e.g. shooting through
    walls), it appears that v1.04 is the game that should have been the
    initial release version of CMSF.
    Kampfgruppe Vice Kommandir

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    Thanks for the post.

    Looks promising. One of the reasons I havn't picked it up yet is because I'm waiting for them to iron this game out. Hopefully this will be whats needed.


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      Same here. I played around with the demo version and was underwhelmed. To me, for some reason I can't quite place, CMBB and CMBO seem much more player-friendly, if that's the right term. Maybe it's just that the demo scenarios were not all that engaging, I dunno.
      After fooling with the CMSF demo for a while, I went back and loaded up CMBB, which I had not played in a while, and it was like wrapping myself up in a favorite blanket. Go figure.....


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