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ToW--Patch and Add-ons Announced

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  • ToW--Patch and Add-ons Announced

    Here's the word today on the Battlefront forum:;p=0&r=actu

    Wargamer summarizes the key information as follows:

    "In this Battlefront forum post, details about the improvements being made to the WWII real-time combat simulation, Theatre of War, have been made available. Based on user-feedback, the developers are trying to accommodate as many features requested as the game engine allows. In summary, future updates will include:
    A new mission generator for simple missions that uses a wizard to automatize most necessary actions. The extant scenario editor will still be required for complex missions and will have new built-in triggers for designers.

    Improved multiplayer stability, with eight-player engagements having been successfully tested, even over low quality connections. These improvements will be included in the September multiplayer patch, although more fundamental changes are being considered for a stand-alone addon.

    The game's visibility system is being fine tuned and will see an increased LOS degradation due to foliage, trees and bushes. These changes will be included in a patch following the September multiplayer patch. A more complex tank LOS system is planned for a stand-alone addon.

    Smoke and smoke weapons are planned for a stand-alone addon.

    The game's oversize Daimler (by 1.3 times) is being corrected.

    Although requested, a replay feature as in IL2-Sturmovik is not possible with the game's engine as it has mostly been re-written since the release of the popular flight sim.

    A LOS tool, where visibility is indicated by a line of color, will be included in the post-September patch.

    Complaints about scenarios being "too scripted" are being addressed in the upcoming campaign featuring the Panzer Lehr Division. There will be no more unrealistic reinforcements after a certain number of units are destroyed.

    Difficulty levels are being addressed. Enemy accuracy on Normal difficulty is being tuned down and should result in fewer precision kills from enemy AT guns at long range.

    A more sophisticated damage system for tanks is being developed, drawing on the expert knowledge of a new historical consultant.

    The most requested feature, house combat, will also be included in an (unspecified) addon. While progress on implementing it is slow, it will feature movement through doors rather than walls a la Close Combat and early Combat Mission games and soldiers will occupy positions near windows."

    See the ACG general review of ToW here:

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