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    So I had this game for about 2 months now and during my busy time schedule I have finally have gotten to battle the Japanese. I have a quesion to see if anybody else has come across this problem...why is it when I do an auto battle with major fleet engagements the Japanese, wipes out my forces?


    US 12 aircraft carries (Lexington/Essex mix)
    6 Battleships (4 Colorado/2 Iowa classes)
    10 heavy cruisers
    24 light cruisers
    58 destroyers

    and aprrox. 1200 aircraft

    Japanese forces
    6 aircraft carriers
    4 battleships
    8 heavy cruisers (approx)
    16 light cruisers
    30 destroyers (approx)

    and approx. 600 aircraft

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    Because the game engine wants to force you to play tactical.


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      There's a couple thing that could be involved...

      -Training... there's no way green recruits can win against vets in this game when outnumbering them less than 3-1 if you do auto-battles; if you jump in, they'll have a decent chance. I've had 500 elite soldiers defend an island against multiple 2000-soldier assault and win... likewise I've had 40 torpedo planes not take out 4 destroyes...

      -Supplies... I've rarely run out of ammo, but when your fleet runs low on fuel, they're almost guaranteed to lose auto-battles that you as a player could (or even would) win. I lost an entire task force like you have above to a lot less simply because I let the computer fight it and I was running low on fuel.

      I've played the game 3 times and each time I've been stalemated short of victory because I can't get enough supplies moving across the Pacific to the forward bases (of course auto-supplying bases is chewing up transports and tankers like they were candy, but I've tried manual and had other issues like bases dying off and being invaded) and it's a race against the Japanese to see who can get more soldiers to each base to take it back from the last time it was taken.
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