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  • To Tyler's opponents

    To Whom It May Concern--

    After much deliberation and arguement, we have decided to send tyler to a relative's house for a month or two. He asked us to place a bulletin on this forum stating that he is terribly sorry that he cannot finish his games, and says he must forfeit. Again, he is very very sorry.
    We too are sorry that our son cannot continue, but we found it best that our son have some time to straighten up. If our effort now does not work, we may be forced to send Tyler to a boarding school.
    We are very sorry for any inconveniences this may cause you.

    Tyler's Parents
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    Havent actually met tyler on this forum.

    However as a person who hasbattled a certain demon for well over ten years all I can say is I hope he gets through whatever it is.

    We all screw up at times some worse than others.

    If he frequents this forum the he must be a good lad at heart.
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      Hi Tyler's Parents:

      I hope things work out as painlessly as possible. I have been playing Tyler and he seems like a good kid. I hope he'll get back on course soon and please send him my best wishes.

      PS: He is a very good tactician! He was winning the game we were playing.
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