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  • FRENCH WEST FRONT 1914-1918

    Hi gentlemen,

    With a friend, we are working on a IGO UGO wargame for PC.
    Precision : the game works like IGO UGO system because human turn and IA turn alternate, but IA plays his turn like WEGO system : IA execute moves and attacks simultanously, and only the result is displayed

    During his turn, human player may give orders (move orders or attacks order) as he want to do, he has not to wait the total execution of an order before to give other new orders to other units (more one unit may be ordered simultaneously for move and/or attack)

    The game covers the entire west french front in WW1

    Some captures (on a french wargamer forum)

    Images have poor quality because they are in jpg format

    The game system is original and the IA very efficient : human player will fight against agressive and really intelligent ennemy

    IA plays his turn in 3 seconds, but it's a very good opponent. All ordinary features for a wargame are implemented : Zoc effects for move and attack, fog of war, ground effects for move and attacks, logistic, arty support, etc

    Only the initial game will cost money (probably 10/12 $), all futures DLC will be free of charge (in these future DLC, we plane to adapt the engine to Overlord 1944, Great Patriotic war 19141-1945, France 1940, Vietnam war, Korea war, etc) => all these DLC will be free of charge for players who will have bought the 14-18 french west front vanilla version

    On screens, some interfaces buttons are masked (black zone), because we want to preserve our little fabrication secrets before the game is out

    On screens, the game is in french but game and manuel will be translated in english (UK/USA version)

    Map in work for France 19140 version : it's the same map as 1914-1918, excepted that 1914 map does not cover Holland and covers south of Paris (France 1940 map covers Holland but does not cover south of Paris)
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    Looks like a massive task to command the entire front yourself, I imagine some knowledge of the starting positions and army organisation is required to be in any way efficient ?

    I tried comparable WWII games in the past, but quickly realized that running a modern war at the division(or corps) level is not a game for me, more like work

    Welcome to the ACG btw.
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      Our wargaming system is very special : human player command the entire front and takes essential strategic decisions, but he has no any fastidious micro gestion to do : with some little simple mouse clics, he orders his military forces. This game allows to play at the same scale than HPS products (John Tiller's wargames), but it needs no work because only great strategic and logistic decisions are taken by player.

      A demo will be available when the release will be out : players will have the possibility to try the game before to buy it, you will see that it's not work but pleasure


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