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Looking for Carrier based WW2 game advice

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  • Looking for Carrier based WW2 game advice

    Hi all, I want to get back into strategy gaming after a few years away and I'm looking for a WW2 based Pacific, aircraft carrier based game. From doing a bit of searching on the net... War in the Pacific and Carriers at War are the main 2 I've come across. War in the Pacific includes land based as well which I'm not looking for atm so any advice on a purely carrier based game other than Carriers at War say would be greatly appreciated

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    If pure WW2 carrier combat is what you seek, you can try Midway Naval Campaigns, by John Tiller.
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      Order of Battles, Decisive Campaigns, has some battles with Carriers in it and you can add Carriers to your base forces. I learned to use Torpedo Bombers to take out the enemy capital ship. Dive Bombers do not have to reload like TB's. If you properly screen with Destroyers, you won't have a problem with enemy Subs. This all happens in the Pacific.

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        Thank you both, I'll look into each of them


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          I suggest, if you want a manual board game, Avalon Hill's (or Battletop's) Flat Top carrier game. You learn more from it than a computer simulation.


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            Now Flat Top was a great board game. I spent a lot of time playing that one.
            General magazine Volume 18 Issue 6 added stats for UK carriers and the battle of Midway.

            Of course the original poster was uninterested in land based air, Land based search and attack planes were very important in most scenarios in the game.

            Actually land based air was involved in all the carrier battles in the Pacific. It was very important in most of them if for no other reason than showing where enemy carriers were not.
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