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    John Tiller Software Campaign Marengo

    Like a lightning bolt falling from the heavens, Napoleon Bonaparte's Army of the Reserve descended out of the Alps upon the plains of Piedmont in late May of 1800 and into the annals of glory. What followed was a blitzkrieg campaign that caught the Austrians completely by surprise. The French army rolled on to the east to take Milan and then turn south and west to fight the Austrian army at Piacenza, Casteggio and then Marengo, the final battle of the campaign. Bonaparte's fame was secure and by 1804 he would be crowned the Emperor of France.

    Campaign Marengo covers the battles and campaigns in Northern Italy from 1795 through 1800 and allows the players to refight the famous battles of these campaigns. Three campaign files cover the major campaigns while three shorter ones cover the various operations in 1796 to resupply Mantua and defeat Bonaparte and the French in battle.

    Relive the days of Suvorov's Russian army marching onto the fields of battle alongside their Austrian allies. As the commander of the French army in 1796, lead your men on to victory on the fields of Castiglione, Rivoli, Arcole and the other battles around Verona. As Massena, lead the French to victory at Loano in 1795. Campaign Marengo offers all this and more!

    You can read more about the game in the Scenario Designers Notes.


    Over 100 scenarios to include the famous battle of Marengo. See the Scenario and Campaign List
    Tutorial scenario that helps the player learn the game system.
    A wide range of scenarios which allow the players to command an entire army or just a few brigades.
    A select group of campaign scenarios available for play as stand alone battles.


    The 1796-97 campaign - Operations to resupply Mantua and defeat Bonaparte's French army in battle
    The 1799 Campaign - The War of the Second Coalition: Suvorov and the Russians in Italy
    The 1800 Campaign - Bonaparte's brilliant campaign versus Melas and the Austrians


    Turn scale is either 10 or 15 minutes.
    A Design folder includes files and information that will aid the players in learning how to build their own scenarios
    A Terrain Effects Chart is included that helps the players determine the effects of terrain and the movement allowance of their units
    A Weapons Chart is included that allows the players to determine the range and effects of all weapons in the game.
    Over 80 maps (to include sub maps) are included covering the famous battlefields of Marengo, Rivoli and Castiglione. A large "Quadrilateral_Extended" map covers the entire area from Brescia to Legnago (1032 x 605 hexes) and can be used to create more submaps for custom scenarios.
    Scenario and Campaign Editors.


    Updates to 2D and 3D terrain graphics.

    Bonus Documents

    The Armies of Campaign Marengo (sample) - pictoral display of the uniforms and soldiers of the various nations and minor allies which fought during the later period of the French Revolutionary Wars
    Terrain Effects Chart - lists each terrain type and the movement costs for each troop type
    Weapons Effect Chart - lists all of the weapons in the game and their firepower value by range
    Parameter Data File Guide - breaks down each line in the PDT files and is for the customer in designing their own battles
    Situation Maps - helps the players understand the history of the campaigns and acquaints them with the locations where the battles were fought
    Order of Battle Guide - gives a detailed explanation of the units in the order of battle files
    Campaign Marengo Artwork - lists all of the units in the game and their location in the graphics files
    Leaderlist for Campaign Marengo - lists all of the leaders in the game and their location in the leaders graphics file
    1796 Turn Track - useful for the long scenarios in the 1796-97 battle and campaign scenarios
    Special Rules - used in the "Quad" scenarios where certain restrictions need to be applied for more historically accurate game play
    The Austrian Cavalry Regiments of 1796-1800 - a chart showing the regimental assignments of the Austrian cavalry during the period of the game
    Army of the Kingdom of Sardinia - a list of most of the regiments that served during the 1796 campaign


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