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Game Review - Fall of Rome Online.

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  • Game Review - Fall of Rome Online.

    Discuss my review of this online multiplayer game!

    Fall of Rome Review

    Dr. S.
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    Good show, Doc S! Interesting game, epecially all they managed to stuff into an online-only game. I can see more games like this in the future, giving those MMORPG's a run for their money.
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      Excellent! Fall of Rome is an incredible multiplayer strategy game, and it's good to see it getting some attention in the online magazines. The review by Doctor Sinister is remarkably insightful, but of course not all points can be covered. Among the design features I like is it is not unduly complex or crowded with minutia, but all the features and game concepts are well thought out and impact upon one another. This is the kind of game that should have been made years ago. Let's hope more players discover it! It's got a free trial, ya'all.


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        I enjoyed reading your review of the game, Doc Sinister.

        Fall of Rome is a great game, one well worth checking out, for those who may not yet have given it a try.

        It's a 12-player multiplayer strategy wargame, and it's one of my current favorite games. It's one of the best games that I have tried in quite a while.
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