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Looking for "relaxing" but complex 2D TBS wargames

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  • Philippe_at_bay
    Depending on your tolerance for complexity, I can suggest a couple of things you might want to look at.

    Tiller's Panzer Campaigns series is really excellent. Its principal incarnation focuses on WW II. The units are battalions with a few companies, and you get to worry about the chain of command, starting with regimental and divisional hq's. Big scenarios can have as much as an army group in play, but a couple of armies or less is more usual. (Just to be clear: Tiller publishes his own games through JTS and HPS, and these are continually updated and supported. Most of the popular Tiller games that you'll find at Matrix are fossils of 15 year old games with outdated mechanics).

    At the other end of the spectrum you might want to look at the Battle Academy games. It's pretty much the same scale as Tiller's Squad Battles, but more fun to look at and play. It might be a bit of a simplification shock after playing Combat Mission, but the tactics that work in that game usually work in Battle Academy.

    If you want war on a larger scale, you could do worse than to look at the Ageod games. Ageod is currently partnered with Slitherine, and they've made a string of strategic/operational level games covering a whole host of different wars. My personal favorites are their games on Ancient Rome and the Russian civil war, but their game on the French and Indian Wars and the American Revolution is a classic.

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  • Looking for "relaxing" but complex 2D TBS wargames

    As much as I love the Combat Mission series, sometimes I need something a bit less work-heavy and relaxing. OFC CM is turn-based, but the work load (especially in the CMx2 series) is such that it is difficult to relax with it at least in my experience (a large part of that is that it is in full 3d I think).

    My long time go-to series has been the old Talonsoft Campaign series which I love dearly and holds up surprisingly well. I'm looking for something in that vein. I do want something that has a fair deal of complexity though, otherwise I tend to get bored. I tried the Panzer General series for instance and found it too simplistic for my tastes.

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