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  • New Android Space Strategy Game

    Hello there.

    My name is Matt and I am the developer of a new Android multiplayer space strategy game called "Star Dancer - Cinematic Space Battles For Mobile".


    Star Dancer is a strategy game which borrows from a few different game styles.

    The conflict is waged over a campaign map of 10 planets (6 in the lite version) between up to 5 factions.
    As it is a game for mobiles and tablets the gameplay has been somewhat streamlined to suit the interface.

    There are 4 ship classes for each faction, fighters, bombers, cruisers and capital ships.

    The factions are loosely based on second world war archetypes - think humanity takes to the stars but takes their warlike
    nature with them. No Alien races in this.

    Research can be undertaken to improve your fleet.

    Combat is determined by a series of behavioural settings you give to your fleet before launching an attack. Each ship class
    can have its own set of detailed behaviours set.

    When you attack an opponent you have the opportunity to seize their planet if you are victorious in the attack. Combat takes
    place as a calculated simulation of the battle in full 3d with beam weapons, laser blasts and fiery explosions.


    Android OS 4.2 Or Higher
    Quad Core Processor 1.2Ghz or Higher
    Min. 512MB RAM
    Recommended 2GB RAM
    50MB Installation Size
    1-4MB Storage Space Per Replay
    WiFi or 4G Data Connection

    Get It At

    Full (5 players, 10 planets, 5 factions)
    Google Play - Search For MattiesGames

    Free(2 players, 6 planets, 2 factions - and no ads)
    Google Play - Search For MattiesGames

    Hope you enjoy trying it out.

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    In game help video added as a much requested feature along with new camera angles (v1.06).

    Note sure if I can post screenshots yet.(nope doesn't seem like it)

    from Matt


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