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    Space Federation Galactic Conquest (SFGC) is a competitive and cooperative empire building game set in a space age future. Around since 2003, we have had a friendly and helpful base of veteran players to guide newcomers. Empires and alliances here are born, grow, conquer, and die over the course of literal years. This is not your usual short sighted, no brainer "strategy" game as long term foresight and logistical planning is a must.

    There are multiple paths to victory and you are free to choose your own criteria. Dominance can be gained through economic and diplomatic as well military might. Less competitive team players can also find a place simply running their economy and playing the galactic market. There is one official way to beat the game however it is very rare to succeed. One must build an Ultimate Weapon and hold off the rest of the galaxy for 48 hours with the resources amassed and the help of allies won over. This is often where federations come into play, a sort of clan or guild system to allow fellow players to coordinate and achieve common goals.

    Play may be casual or absorbing as their are a variety of server speeds from real time to slow to suit any time constraints or interest levels. Its not unusual for players to have an empire in each server as some only require play once a week. On real time the turns come rapidly and in a day dozens of battles can be won and lost and the market moves resources just as fast; on slow one has to be extra careful to not be wasteful with their turns and resources as they are more scarce. SFGC also features the occasional Death Match servers lasting a day or so with special winning criteria and prizes.

    Heres a quick summary:

    6 playable races with unique technologies, play styles, and ships.

    Ships range from drones, fighters, and fodders to battleships, star bases, and dreadnoughts. Four weapon types energy, kinetic, missile, and chemical plus corresponding defenses create unlimited possibilities for fleet defense and offense.

    Colonize and conquer the galaxy by exploring and capturing 15 planet types and massive planet clusters.

    Multiple Economic paths: tax, minerals, agriculture, ore, industry, plundering.

    A shifting galactic market for players to sell and buy resources.

    Federation system allowing for allies, federation wars and rivalries.

    Diverse veteran player base from across the globe.

    An active forum and chat where strategies, updates to the game, and casual conversation can take place.

    - The more the grander the battles! Hope to see you there!
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