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Commander: The Great War or Strategic Command: World War I?

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  • Commander: The Great War or Strategic Command: World War I?

    I cannot decide which of these games is the better one to purchase. Has anyone tried both of these? Which one is more open ended? I want one where I can alter the historical ending of the war, if possible.


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      Buy them both and you tell us

      I'm sorry not be more helpful - the Commander franchise is unknown to me, I checked it out and looks good enough, no idea about gameplay though.

      Strategic command is more of an established name, I played the older versions many years ago - too long for my experience to be of any use though.

      Major Atticus Finch - ACW Rainbow Game.

      Bolgios - Mercenary Game.


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        I do not care for Strategic Command at all, so I haven't been playing it. I have Panzer Corps, Battle Academy 2, and the Order of Battle:Pacific so I'm hesitant to buy the Commander series without more input. I am however considering Pike and Shot strongly, or a Napeolonic game. Thanks


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          I will post to this thread just so you won't think you're being ignored.

          I never played Strategic Command: World War I due to Battlefront's DRM. Nor have I played Commander: The Great War, for no particular reason other than WWI wasn't my preferred wargaming era (the only WWI PC game I remember playing for any length of time was Historyline 1914-1918 many years ago).
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            Thanks for the replies. I think I'm diverting my focus to ancient war games anyway. I think rehashing the ancient Greeks and Romans would be more interesting than WWII.


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