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  • Searching for classics

    Guys, anyone had any idea of a game called Legend?

    A turn based war game which is similar to Red Alert but not RTS?

    The setup is like ancient Chinese which deploys given units to annihilate the enemy base camp.

    This game was back in the 80's - 90's when I first played it. The front cover of the game looks like a man with armor.

    Anyone has a gist of it or even a picture do post it at here. Was seeking for it for ages.

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    Have you tried checking VideoGameGeek? They have a pretty extensive database for games. I have found many old games that I used to play listed in their database.
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      Have you tried Chess or even Monopoly?

      Both are Classic board games.
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        Thank you, Herman.
        Yes John, I do play those. If I would want to find these games, I would not even come to here. Do suggest some website which would help me in my findings.


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